Monday 10 May 2021

How To Refurbish Old Kitchen Cabinets

How To Refurbish Old Kitchen Cabinets

We have all felt the urge to redo our kitchen now and then. Most of the time the task looks to huge with too many details and mess to deal with! But there are clever ways to do this, small tweaks that can help you change the entire look of the kitchen. You need a few ideas and implements like cabinet handles India to change the look of the entire kitchen.

Do you need to refurbish your cabinets? When should you do this? You don’t have to do this very often, but you do need to do this at certain intervals. Old cabinets can get shabby, out of fashion or does not suit your purposes. Most of the time it is the add-ons that start giving away. For instance, hinges will start rusting, drawers slides and channels start falling apart or the cabinets become loose. While an immediate repair job may fix the problem at the time, sometimes you may need a little extra attention.

Here are a Few tips on Refurbishing your Old Kitchen Cabinet:

1. Paint Them

This is really the easiest solution of all. If you have wooden cabinets, you can simply paint them in the colour you like. You can change your entire kitchen with very little effort and investment. This is a handy tip for brightening gloomy kitchens. Pick a bright colour like yellow or a light green. You can also go for more classic combinations like grey and maroons.

You can get a painter to do this job for you or take it on as a DIY project. All you will need is some sandpaper, cleaner, primer and paint. The biggest advantage of this method is the cost involved. This is perhaps the cheapest remodelling job you will do! A little tip here: you can also use this opportunity to change hinges and tighten cabinet handles India is these parts are beginning to show signs of age.

2. Change Cabinet Face

This is a more drastic step. If your cabinet surfaces look simply too shabby or it is one of this hideous looking cabinet that you are stuck with. If the interior of the cabinet is fine, you don’t have to overhaul the whole thing. This will require a major effort and a large expense. A simpler solution will be to just remove the cabinet face and go for a different one. You can get a carpenter to customize a cabinet face to suit your taste. Go for painted wooden cabinets or laminated. The latter is more convenient, since it is easier to clean. You can also pick interesting cabinet handles India to go with the overall look.

3. Add Interesting Shelving

If your cabinets are very old, chances are that they do not have the many innovative shelving solutions you see today, such as rotating corner shelves, pull out drawers at the base of the cabinet. There are a number of clever and innovative solutions that can help you increase storage area, while making it more convent for access. Newer designs now allow you to store more, while creating adding very user-friendly solutions. You can try different catalogues and then choose one. In fact, if you have a good carpenter, you can even get these replicated at a fraction of the cost!

4. Go for a New Look

Why not try something different? Apart from painting the cabinets, try changing cabinet handles India. You can get handles and knobs at mind-boggling varieties — from the spartan zinc handles to decorative glass handles. Try an unusual design for a different look.

5. Look for more Storage Solutions

As you refurbish your kitchen, you may find new storage solutions, such as the narrow space behind the door, the space under the window or over the washing machine. These small nooks and corners can be converted into very handy storage space. You can create your own pantry area or baking corner or spice rack. AN ongoing renovation job is the perfect time to do this. After all, you are already in the renovation fuss and extra storage never hurt anyone!

From cabinet handles India to new cabinet faces — there are many ways you can refurbish old kitchen cabinets. It may take a little time, but the effort will be well worth it.


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