How To Select Kitchen Hardware Fittings

Selecting the right furniture hardware fittings is very important. Fittings make the furniture functional, is responsible for providing support to the overall structure and must be sturdy enough to last for a long time. The quality of kitchen fittings will decide the overall functionally of the furniture. After all, what use is a nice compartmentalised drawer if you cannot pull it out? So, take your time and read our tips before buying fittings for your kitchen:

Every part of the kitchen must fit into what your overall idea of design is. A kitchen can have a classic decor, a contemporary look or be full of rustic charm. When you fit a kitchen according to these looks, every element must fall into place and this includes the cabinets and the hardware. Luckily, we have plenty of choices today. You can pick from ornate old-fashioned knobs and pulls or go for a sleek metallic pull. For instance, a ceramic knobs go perfectly is a classic kitchen, while met laic zinc handles will suit a contemporary kitchen. For a rustic look, you can try many options, from cast iron to wood.

Your hardware must first and foremost pass the test of functionality. Some elements can be chosen for purely decorative purpose, but for the main components, the functionality will trump other considerations. However beautiful a pair of knobs may look, it will be useless if it is not easy to grasp. Similarly, metal drawers that save space may look great, but they must be designed in a manner that meets their purpose. Whenever you see a kitchen hardware, ask yourself where you will use it, if it is easy to use and if it adds to the functionality of your kitchen. Many big stores will let you see an installed version where you can see and check the functionality for yourself.

The area of furniture hardware fittings is one of the most exciting field in home equipment and decor. There are interesting pulls, knobs and storage designs that are aimed to make the kitchen space more functional and efficient. If you are designing a kitchen or remodelling an existing one, do not forget to check product catalogues from different companies for the best and most innovative design. You may find just the perfect solution for that kitchen corner or under the cabinet space.

It is also important to pay attention to the fittings. Some of the designs require special fittings and will come with the overall setup from the manufacturer. However, if you are replicating the design from a catalogue, you need to being in an expert. A carpenter will be the best person to advice on this. Fortunately, there are plenty of furniture hardware manufacturers who house a wide range of products and can help you out.

Kitchen hardware fittings are ultimately aimed to support the furniture cabinetry. Fittings like hinges and drawer slides are critical in offering support and attachment to the overall structure. The sturdiness of the fittings, therefore, becomes very important. It must be strong enough to hold, while staying functional. For instance, the drawer slide should be installed according to the expected weight carried by the drawer. Otherwise the slide will start malfunctioning and very soon comes off its place.

A kitchen is exposed to many corrosives like spills and fumes from cooking. There is a high presence of grease and moisture that can corrode metals that form our fittings. Exposed fittings like handles and knobs will have a higher exposure and hence, corrosion from such factors. So, look for fittings that have high resistance to corrosives, such as fittings made of zinc.

As mentioned above, furniture hardware fittings for the kitchen will be exposed to a lot of dirt build up. The presence of steam, dust and grease is how you get that black greasy layer that can quickly envelop a whole kitchen if not cleaned regularly. So, look for fittings that are easy to clean and maintain. Smooth surfaces have an edge here because there is less likelihood of any grease deposit. A quick wipe should usually be enough.

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