How To Sell A Marketing Idea

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Any person that chooses to be productive on their own can be a candidate of selling a marketing idea. Whether you are not in the marketing field everyone is open to try luck. And if so happen that there are no products involved, why not trying an idea as the product? Yes, sounds skeptical but in the world of marketing, everything is possible. The tools that you can hold on are the guts, presentation with excellent strategic explanation, and the idea itself.

Translating a Marketing Idea into Business Proposal

Every business generated products and advertisements always start with basic ideas. So in order to make it a real deal, you take it to the next level and do the translation. Did you know that the idea of any successful alcohol brands have anything to do with lifestyles, taste and preference. Most successful culinary business establishments have anything to do with wonderful and memorable culinary experience.

So you might take into consideration of the following to get a proposal

  1. Own a Personal Credibility

When you get credibility, everyone will trust you. Financiers or investors have to deal what kind of person you are and how you come up with the marketing idea. They’ll track your record or measure your ability in delivering quality marketing plan. When you are in the midst of getting a proposal, everything you say is vital for future business. A good track record can be a plus but still, it’s how you play the game in an honest way.

  1. The ideal translations have to coincide of what the investors are looking for. The idea must be persuasive to their positive opinions not to divert their interest and prove them wrong.
  2. Voice out your Vision

When you have idea, of course, you have implementation. The implementation should include how a problem can be solved, is it fulfilling the need, improve quality of life or simply improving something whatever serves the purpose right.

  1. Competitive Response

Of course, if you present certain marketing idea, it doesn’t mean that you’ll forget the competitors. But enlighten them what gives you the edge from them.

  1. State the revenues

It’s what every marketing idea hope for and what the investors are aiming for. Are the investors going to earn a good return?

  1. Translate the idea into action.

This could be the real thing. This is the part where investors wanted to see. Real work begins here.

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