How To Send A Tech Parcel To USA

If you have family and friends living or working in the USA, it is highly likely that you will need to send gifts around the holidays and birthdays. One of the best gifts that you can send besides home comforts is tech products. This can be anything from the latest smartphones and laptops to video game consoles among many other different tech products. Here are a few simple tips to help you send a parcel to USA through international couriers in the most hassle-free way possible.

Label the Tech Accurately

The first step you should take when sending any tech products to USA through couriers is to correctly label everything. A clear address will increase the chances of the parcel going to the right destination in the shortest time possible. The best practice here is writing everything clearly using capital letters and then including all the necessary information such as:

Protect the Batteries from Static Electricity and Heat

The rechargeable batteries that are commonly used to power most of the high-tech devices, from tablets and e-readers to smartphones, generally store significantly more power compared to regular dry cells. As a result, shipping electronics as a parcel to USA requires additional precautions. It is recommended to ship the tech products in the same way it was packaged originally from the manufacture. Make sure that the battery terminals are covered up and that the power button cannot be turned on during transit. Place the device in plastic bag in order to prevent damage by static electricity.

Complete the Customs Declarations

The other major bottleneck that can affect the smooth process of delivering a parcel to USA is basically the items failing to clear customs. If you are sending the laptop, smartphone or any tech from outside the European Union, then you must complete the customs declaration form. The best couriers will usually guide in this particular aspect if you encounter any problems along the way.

Use Professional Couriers

To ensure you successfully send a parcel to USA efficiently, then it is a must to partner with professional couriers like Courierpoint. An experienced courier service provider will not only help you fill in the necessary details but also make sure that your tech parcel arrives intact and on-time. You will also benefit from timely deliveries, regardless of whether you are looking for a fast delivery or a more affordable, later delivery time. Additionally, in this case, the labelling and customs declaration will be handled by experts, and thus you should not experience any problems.

These tips mentioned above should ensure that your tech parcel to USA is delivered to the right recipient using the best courier.

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