Monday 20 September 2021

How To Sort Out Problems With Your Vosa MOT Test?

How To Sort Out Problems With Your Vosa MOT Test?

An MOT is an incredibly important part of car ownership, as your vehicle must pass this test to be deemed safe for use on the roads and to ensure it meets emissions standards. Any car over three years old must be inspected by a VOSA MOT tester annually, but what should you do if your vehicle fails its MOT?

How To Sort Out Problems With Your Vosa MOT Test?

Minor Issues

Most dealerships and garages that offer MOT testing facilities to customers will give you the option to allow the VOSA MOT tester to carry out their inspection of the vehicle and, if it fails due to a relatively minor issue, to fix it there and then so that it can be retested immediately and secure a pass.

This can include things like adding new bulbs if some are not working, or replacing the number plate if it is damaged or illegible. Crucially this should be something that you can give the garage permission to do ahead of time, meaning that you do not need to worry about relatively insignificant and inexpensive problems causing your car to fail outright.

Bigger Problems and Retesting

If the reason that your vehicle failed its MOT is a more major concern that may cost more to remedy, the testing centre is likely to get in touch with you to tell you about the issue, provide you with a quote for how much replacement parts and labour may cost, and give you the chance to decide what to do next.

It is important to remember that while your car may have failed its MOT while being tested at a particular outlet, you are not obligated to use the same provider to carry out the necessary repairs. In some cases, garages will outsource MOT testing to third parties and then do any work in house to make sure the vehicles passes.

Partial retesting can be carried out once a problem has been addressed and you will not be charged for the second inspection as long as it is carried out within 10 working days of the original failed MOT, providing you leave the vehicle at the centre where it was tested.

Taking the vehicle away elsewhere for repairs will require you to return it before the end of the next working day to be eligible for a free retest. Bear these time limits in mind, depending on which route you choose to take.

Advisories and Future Concerns

Even if your car passes its MOT and is certified as suitable for use on the roads, the testing centre will often provide advisories indicating areas of the vehicle that may require attention in the near future, perhaps before the next MOT is required.

You can choose to act on these advisories or to ignore them; however, they are a useful part of the testing process and can pinpoint problems that you can nip in the bud before they develop. A good VOSA MOT tester will be your ally in ensuring your car is in good condition throughout.