How to Survive Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most sought after trekking destinations in the world. Here are some useful tips to make your trekking more memorable and enjoyable.

1.Get two to three contingency days:

Some trekkers opt to plan their own adventure, while some choose to hire a tour operator help them. There are some instances when internal flights in Nepal may be delayed or cancelled. Extra days before going home will relax you. You can also give yourself time to appreciate Nepal more by just walking around the area. If you arranged your trip with a tour operator and you experienced delayed or cancelled flight, they can facilitate the next available trip for you.

2.Let the locals guide you:

The local guides and porters know well the area. Instead of packing thick books to help you find your way, let the locals help you. And the space in your bag that are initially for those books can be replaced by more necessary items like lights or even your power bank to charge your batteries. They will also give you pieces of advice on how to survive trekking which you cannot really get from those books. Also, you will be able to meet some trekkers along the way, and they can help you out. And of course, getting locals to help you does not really cost you a lot.

3.Have a Sherpa with you:

Sherpa means a Nepali caste. They are expert when it comes to mountaineering. While locals can guide you, the Sherpas will help you more. They are generally devotees of Buddhist. Many treks in Nepal are Buddhist regions. So, another tip for you is to pay respect on some Buddhist insignias. Some of these symbols are colorful flags, stupas or Buddhist shrines, and mani walls.

4.Beware of some yaks and pack animals:

Some animals may surprise you in the middle of your trek. These animals are about 10,000 feet and they are there to transport loads at high elevations. They also work the fields in villages. If you ever meet these animals, just stay to the uphill side. So, if you hear oncoming yak bells, be prepared to meet these beasts. Additionally, watch out for their poop!

5. Hydrate:

This is a common tip for trekking. But still, you have to be reminded. Bring two 1 liter water bottles or jags with you. Along the treks, you can purchase bottled drinking waters. There are also purified water stations where you can fill up you water bottles in cheap price. You are not just saving money, but you are also saving the environment. It is also advisable to bring hot water bottles to keep you warm especially when it is cold at night when camping.

These are just tips on how to survive trekking in Nepal. Of course, you also have to be physically prepared as not to get tired easily and as to prevent getting Acute Mountain Sickness or AMS. Get your vitamins too. You also have to be mentally and emotionally fit. You are a survivor and you will be able to get on the highest peak if you just keep going. Enjoy your trekking with these tips!


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