How To Write Dissertation In A Stress-Free Fashion

Dissertation writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Rarely have I come across people who say that they enjoy writing dissertations. It is a pretty boring job, to be honest. Just by looking at the given topic to prepare a dissertation on, the blood runs dry, anxiety sets in, and the person already feels overwhelmed. Don’t worry it does not cause you a medical condition, above is merely a figure of speech.

You cannot expect to sit overnight and finish your dissertation, you will have to continue to add drop by drop every day (and let me be the bearer of bad news) but that is the only way you are ever going to get done with it. This way it will bring you closer to the completion of such arduous task i.e. dissertation writing.

The list of advice that follows will help you write a dissertation without taking the stress. Here goes:

You Are Not Alone

Whatever you are feeling or going through after having assigned to prepare a dissertation on your own, we have all been there (of course who went to college/university). Teachers and professors do not care if you are a non-English speaker or lacks authentic research skills, they only want it done so they can mark you and assign you a grade based on your submission.

As an expert myself in the domain of dissertation writing, I have been helping students for years now but I didn’t get to be an expert, not without trying. No one of us professional writers got to be where we are today without practice and hard work but you should this wasn’t always the case. We and other like us once stood where you find yourself today.

Again, You Are Not Alone

I am not repeating this for the sake of repeating it but my intention is to emphasize the point that you are not alone. Writing skills plays an integral part in dissertations. For example, even if you are able to gather and collect relevant resources/data, it all boils down to crafting the dissertation with your writing skills.

You cannot if you lack the skills. Since, I am a firm believer in the notion that there is nothing a human being cannot achieve if he puts his mind to it – the feeling of stress is all in your head really. So as long as you tell yourself that you are not alone, find solace and comfort in knowing there are others going through the same ordeal (not that I condone such thinking but I hope this puts your mind to ease).

It’s Just Half An Hour

All the seasoned academic writers I have come across during my career, they have all advised me on one thing; give half an hour to the dissertation writing each day and suddenly it won’t feel that big of a deal. I have now passed the same advice to you folks who are reading this.

I know what you must be thinking, “How am I going to finish up within deadline with a half hour each day?” see that is the trick. Once the habit of attending to your dissertation is inculcated, naturally you would start spending more and more time on the task at hand.

Half hour technique is also useful because in this way you won’t exhaust yourself. But commit to yourself then that half hour will be diligently pursued in the accomplishment of your goal without any breaks. Plus, it’s doable that way J

It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect, It Just Has To Be Done

When I used to be the student myself, my supervisor used to tell me that you ought to start and don’t think about being perfect. Many of us are at fault because we somehow feel that we have to churn out the perfect piece for our dissertation when it is not needed. No one can do perfect, not even us but we try to the best of our ability to do justice.

Thus, it is our responsibility to try and not give up without trying. Since students are on a deadline, they should get it done (by no means I am saying you hand over plagiarized content) but put in your efforts to the maximum and let your faculty decide if it’s worthy of submission or earning you that passing grade.

What is the worst that can happen? Your teacher will ask you to do a revision of your piece. No worries, better put up a fight and then falling short than not submitting at all and failing instead. Write a sentence, write a paragraph but write. Remember, it is not a race so stay calm. You are not competing against anyone but yourself to beat the clock.

Author Bio: Joseph Conn is Ph.D. in management sciences. He helps students with their dissertation writing and can also be contacted for top essay help. Follow him for updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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