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Iceland Shopping Tour: TOP 14 Popular Shops In Reykjavik

Iceland is considered to be one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Nevertheless, the difference between Reykjavik and other cities is not very big now. Of course, the food is not cheap here. It is important to know, where you should go shopping to save money and enjoy your family. What are they, the best-loved shopping centers in Reykjavik?


You can buy design things from different collections in Kronkron shop that is situated in the main trade street of the city. If the price is 80 dollars for the pair of jeans seems to be too high for you, try to find last year clothes for sale. The assortment includes such accessories as bags, footwear, and belts.

Recommended goods: clothes, footwear, accessories.

The prices are medium.


This popular shop offers to buy food and drinks for attractive price. There are many different sorts of meat, fruits, vegetables, milk. There is also enough space for picnic. You are comfortably offered to buy food for picnic right here.

Recommended goods: food.

The prices are lower than medium.

A Rainbow of Fruit Colors


Iceland always has a wise control over alcohol and cigarette’s trade. So, there are no many places to buy them in the city. One trade point is placed not far from the main touristic office of Reykjavik. Nevertheless, the prices are high. The shop does not work on Sunday. It works every day from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Recommended goods: food and drinks.

The prices are high.


The main shop characteristic is woolen hand-made clothes and accessories. The prices are high. Nevertheless, the hand-made products cost much. Thus, a pair of cute mittens costs about 30 dollars. Come and see, if you want to have something exclusive for souvenir.

Recommended goods: woolen clothes.

The prices are medium.


You can buy lots of goods in this shop. What about this cute black-and-red necklace? – It looks great. You can also find a stylish little bag, specially decorated.

Recommended goods: jewelry.

The prices are medium.

Andersen & Lauth

Look at this famous collection! If you are always well-dressed, you should come here for shopping: unique dresses and hats. As far as all clothes samples are unique and elegant, the price for this little hat can be more than 60 dollars. What is more, you have a chance to buy something for 50-60% sale. It makes you happy!

Recommended goods: women clothes.

The prices are high.


Visiting this shop, you should buy the set of valises of different sizes. This stylish equipment is worth visiting top-rate hotels, including best-loved Hilton Hotel the next door.

Recommended goods: travel bags and valises.

The prices are more than medium.

Buenos Aires Leather Goods


This is the trade center of nonstandard composition. The first floor is occupied by manufactured goods, the second and third floors contain clothes. Actually, the shop is mostly popular because of Bonus shop. The prices in this shop are always 15-20% lower than in the rest shops of the city.

Recommended goods: food and drinks.

The prices are low.


Meet the next jewelry shop. What a strange name! Nevertheless, the shop offers to buy different jewelry samples, decorated in national Iceland style. You can buy breloque in form of Iceland or broach in form of volcano. The choice is not wide. Everyone can find something special here.

The prices are medium.


Independently from the rest woolen shops in Reykjavik, Woolmarket trades with hand-made woolen items. Actually, Iceland is popular of its woolen clothes. What makes it interesting, the assortment is wide and the prices are low.

Recommended goods: woolens.

The prices are medium.

Viking Souvenirs

Welcome to the souvenir shop! It is considered to be the best souvenir place in Reykjavik. The assortment is wide. You can find many interesting and unique souvenirs here. The prices are high. If you are lucky, you can catch a sale, like specially decorated T-shirt or trolls figures. You can also buy warm clothes for 35900 crowns.

Recommended goods: souvenirs.

The prices are medium.

in Iceland, even the trashy tourist t-shirts are well-designed

Tourist Center

Have you ever seen the sign Tourist center in Reykjavik? It is not about the informational touristic office but souvenir shop. There is also touristic agency, helping you to find the right excursion route. The second floor welcomes you with a big cafe for high prices. Speaking about the shop, the touristic guide costs about 30 dollars. As you can see, the best worthy good here is colorful albums of Iceland views.

Recommended goods: photo albums.

The prices are higher than medium.

Mal og Menning

Welcome to the book store. Of course, you are offered to buy books here. You should also visit this place to buy the cheapest postcards in the city. Do you like the difference in 20 crowns? If you have many friends, you can buy picturesque postcards for them right here. The result is worth your attention, indeed.

Recommended goods: souvenirs, presents.

The prices are low.


What do you want to buy for souvenir from Iceland to your friends and relatives? Visit Myndmal Art gallery to buy worthy present. You can buy beautiful pictures. What about this Iceland landscape? There are many pictures and photos featuring volcanoes. Be careful, making presents. This is the right place to find the most exclusive artistic souvenir. The prices are different. Thus, that big picture costs about 160 dollars and that little one is about 40 dollars.

Recommended goods: presents, souvenirs.

The prices are higher than medium.

Iceland March 2013 _ image  8

If you want to visit as many interesting shops as it possible, you should hire a car in Reykjavik. This is a good opportunity to travel by city, meeting new shops and shopping center. By the way, the shops in Iceland traditionally work from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. every day on weekdays. Saturday is also working day for many shops. The working hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Speaking about the food shops and supermarkets, they work every day till 11 p.m. without a break. Thus, be careful and try to find many interesting shops and goods in the capital of Iceland.