Saturday 09 December 2023

Iconic Sporting Trophies and The Stories Behind Them

We’ve all received some kind of trophy in our lifetimes. Whether it’s a first place trophy for your favorite sport or a participation medal for something you put your full effort into, It’s a great feeling to get a trophy and to be recognized for your success. There are a lot of really great trophies out in the world, and we think these are some of the most iconic:

Heisman Trophy

Although not a major international trophy, the Heisman is widely popular here in the United States. You’ve probably seen somebody strike some variation of the Heisman pose. It was first awarded in 1935 and is given to the best college football player of the year. This requires not only talent but also diligence and composure.

Triple Crown

Iconic Sporting Trophies and The Stories Behind Them

The Triple Crown is one of the most elusive trophies in the world since it isn’t handed out every year. Only the most elite racehorses can receive the Triple Crown if they win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes, all in the same year. It’s only been done 12 times since 1919, with the most recent win occuring in 2015, by American Pharaoh.

Stanley Cup

Iconic Sporting Trophies and The Stories Behind Them

Arguably the most famous trophy of all time, the Stanley Cup refers to the trophy itself, along with the NHL hockey playoff tournament. Named after Lord Stanley of Preston, the Governor General of Canada in 1893, this prize is famous for numerous, iconic pictures of NHL team captains hoisting it over their heads. It also bears has the name of nearly every winning team since its first use. The team name, year won, and players’ names are all inscribed and a base ring is added when necessary.

FIFA World Cup

Iconic Sporting Trophies and The Stories Behind Them

Although FIFA has gone through its fair share of controversies, the World Cup tournament and the trophy itself is one of the world’s most exciting events every four years. Millions of people tune into every game to watch their favorite soccer/football players represent their countries.

The original trophy was known as the Jules Rimet trophy and was used from 1930-1970 when Brazil won for the third time and was allowed to keep it permanently. The second trophy, known simply as the World Cup, depicts two figures holding up the planet. It has the winning teams’ names engraved on the base.

Venus Rosewater Dish

Iconic Sporting Trophies and The Stories Behind Them

The Venus Rosewater Dish is the Ladies’ Singles trophy awarded at Wimbledon and has a very long and rich history in professional tennis. It was first presented in 1886, making it one of the oldest trophies still awarded today. Rosewater dishes were traditionally used to catch rosewater for hand-washing, thought he dishes eventually became strictly for decoration.

This trophy measures 18 ¾” in diameter and is a partially gilded, sterling silver plate that was made in 1864. It depicts various mythological scenes, including both gods and goddesses as well as other images. The winner of the dish does not get to keep it, but traditionally takes it and walks around the court with it, showing it off to everyone. They are then given a ¾ replica while the Dish itself is stored in a museum.

Although you may never get the chance to actually earn any of these trophies, you can watch your favorite team or athlete make history by winning them. Most, if not all of these major trophies are on display occasionally, giving you the opportunity to really appreciate their beauty. If you’re interested in producing your own custom engraved trophies for local sports, car shows, or events, there are countless options for your next competition. Who says you can’t feel the rush of raising an incredible trophy over your head?