Monday 19 April 2021

Ideas For Critical Thinking Assignments

Ideas for Critical Thinking Assignments

Even if you’re the master of critical thinking assignments, when you’re out of ideas you’re stuck in a rut. We all encounter that phase when we can’t even come up with a single idea for our assignment. And since this can be an obstacle that prevents you from getting started or engaging your students, we are sharing some ideas that could be interesting for critical thinking assignments.

Ideas For Critical Thinking Assignments

  1. Analyzing a Lesson: To push your students to develop critical thinking, you can give them assignments that entail gathering and organizing information that is crucial for a certain lesson. That way, students can analyze the information in short writing and work on focusing on the problems that that information can resolve.
  1. Writing About Differences: Another idea for critical thinking assignment writingcould be writing about the difference between opinion and knowledge. Focus this on the field of study of your students, and have them write about these differences when it comes to a particular topic.
  1. Comparing Thoughts and Results: Have your students write about their assumptions and their findings. For example, you can tell your students to write about the assumptions they had before they learned about a certain topic, and how and why their assumptions were found to be false, later on after they’ve learnt information on the certain topic. If you’re constantly on the hunt for a resource assignment help in Australia has plenty of services that can help you devise new and challenging topics.
  1. Problem-Solving: Another great exercise for critical thinking and assignment writing, especially for students, is to write about solutions. Choose a topic or a problem they have in their studies and have them write about two possible solutions for that particular issue.
  1. Scaffolding Assignments: These kinds of assignments are focused on taking the assignment apart, and having students right the assignment, but as three different assignments. With each one they can focus on using different skills, for example, on the first one they can focus on developing and presenting the issues, then in the second one they can write about how the issues can be solved etc.
  1. Challenge the Norm: Give your students a topic that they might not expect. Have them question and think about the norm. What is standard and considered to be normal in our society, but can be analyzed to see if it is normal in fact. These kinds of assignments really engage students as they are writing about something they consider standard, yet have to find a flaw in such thinking or a different perspective on it.
  1. Controversial Topic: Give your students a topic that might be controversial, and have them state their opinion. You want your students to be able to present an argument, describe it in detail, and literally try to convince the reader on why they are for or against the issue.

There are different kind of assignment that you can give your students to challenge their critical thinking, but don’t forget, to develop great critical thinking skills you have to continuously work on them, every day when you’re in the classroom.

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