Identifying Vulnerabilities In Network Services With Vulnerability Scanning Tools 

It is essential that anyone who uses the internet or computer must scan their systems and networks time to time for detecting the vulnerabilities in the system or network. Earlier, people used to install the anti-virus softwares in their system for the regular scanning of networks and systems. But those anti-virus softwares fail to identify the major risks that damage the system. Even, anti-virus softwares are not capable of recovering from the defects that occur in the system. Some of the risks found in the system are more vulnerable that they should be removed from the system before it can cause any damage.

Vulnerability is a weak point that permits the attacker to decrease the information assurance of the system. So, to scan the vulnerabilities in the system, there is a scanner that keeps on scanning the vulnerabilities in the system. A vulnerability scanning tools is used to identify or evaluate the security related vulnerabilities found in the network or system by producing the scan results. It should be used carefully as it is used by both administrators and attackers. An administrator uses it to scan and fix the issues, while attackers use it for finding the vulnerabilities and then exploiting them. So, an administrator must use it before an attacker tries to use it and find vulnerabilities.

Benefits of Vulnerability Scanning Tools:

  1. These tools are used for detecting the vulnerabilities and other security related issues earlier so that it could be removed before it damages the security of the system or the network.

  2. These tools are used to identify the devices or systems that get connected to the network inauthentically so that it could not endanger the whole system and network.

  3. These tools are also used to give information about the inventory of various devices, i.e., information like type of device, patch level, hardware configuration information, and the version of an operating system. This information is relevant for the tracking and managing the security.

Vulnerability scanners are of two types : Network-based scanner and host-based scanner. Network based scanners are used to identify the flaws in the network like buffer overflow, open ports, etc. while host-based scanners are used to identify problems like weak password policy, improper security auditing, weak file permissions, etc. Vulnerability assessment is very important because anti-virus softwares and patch management softwares are not capable enough to identify the risks always and recovering from the risks always. So, tools for vulnerability assessment are necessary to reduce and remove the vulnerabilities from the system and network as well. It is one of the network security Vulnerability Scanner platforms, that has its components licensed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).

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