Sunday 01 August 2021

Implementation Of A PR Campaign Plan: Steps To Follow

Implementation Of A PR Campaign Plan: Steps To Follow

Internet has been a driving force behind the rise of startups and entrepreneurship in India. Understandably, these new-age ventures, given their newfound zeal and youthful enthusiasm, are in a hurry to expand their reach and be recognised via the media. Often PR does for them cost-effectively what ATL/BTL campaigns would have but for limitations in terms of budgets.

Implementation Of A PR Campaign Plan: Steps To Follow

However, even before they embark on a PR journey, these ventures need to work upon the common misconceptions that surround them. To do so, they must first realise the significance of a PR campaign, feel public relations agencies in India.

Enterprises are often unable to understand or are simply ignorant of the fact that apart from the age-old press release, PR has much to offer. Are you one of those entrepreneurs who is convinced that press releases and media pitching only would add to you profits? If you are then be warned — only releases and pitches are never the guarantors of success.

Campaigns are an integral part of PR and demand extensive planning. Leading public relations agencies in India are of the opinion that when creating PR plans, necessary measures should be adopted to achieve targets.

Here is a list of the stages to keep in mind while planning efficient and effective PR campaigns.

  • Focussed research

It is the most important part of PR activity. Different research methods like primary (interviews, blogs, and questionnaires) and secondary (desk research and information gathering from books, journals and newspapers) steps can be undertaken.

  • Understand the target

After getting what issues your business is facing, it is key to define who a campaign is targeted at and who are the stakeholders to be addressed. A focussed objective is goal-oriented, measurable and specific.

Identify the audience you want to tap. During the early planning stages, research should be able to zero in on the TA as it is key to ensure message delivery. Research also plays a key role in even conceptualising and developing campaigns as per consumers’ need.

  • Clear messaging

Every PR plan must have a series of messages as the core of the communications plan. Public relations agencies in India vouch for messages that are concise and easy to understand as it displays the effectiveness of the communication.

  • Ideation of strategy

Every business owner should emphasis upon the formation of a strategy that encompasses relevant tactics in place. An efficient strategy is responsible for the overlying mechanism of a campaign that plays a key role in achieving targets.

  • Tactics

The right tactics ensure target achievement happens on time. Based on the campaign type, tactics should be chosen such as media relations, events, interviews, lobbying, consultations, etc.  Public relations agencies in India stress upon creativity when deciding the tactics for a campaign.

  • Budget allocation

It is one of the most important part of any campaign plan as it allows a business to decide the goals and plan expenditure accordingly.

  • Measuring results

Evaluation is a significant part of any PR campaign plan to understand/identify which tactics were able to bring desired results. Evaluation brings added value to every PR campaigns.

So, planning to initiate a PR campaign? Keep these elements in place and ensure your business attains new heights in the shortest possible time.

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