Importance Of Cursive Handwriting

With the dawn of the digital age, Cursive handwriting is losing its charm.  In the age of computers, ipads, laptops etc. there is an ongoing debate whether cursive handwriting still holds importance. Cursive handwriting is no more a trend in the schools.  It is no more mandatory to emphasize the primary students to write in cursive.

The tech devices for sure have made our life convenient, but there are evidences that show some positive attributes of handwriting that typing or any machine cannot replace. According to a study done by William Klemm (neurologist), writing cursive has several neurological benefits – “Cursive writing, compared to printing, is even more beneficial because the movement tasks are more demanding, the letters are less stereotypical, and the visual recognition requirements create a broader repertoire of letter representation.”

Here are few reasons why we should still inculcate cursive handwriting in our education.

  1. Creativity. – A study at the University of Washington showed that children who wrote by hand rather than typing not only wrote more quickly but the kids were buzzing with more ideas as a result. Cursive writing is artistic; the formation of the beautiful letters and the flow makes your creative juices flow.
  2. Refined motor skills – writing in cursive improves the motor skills too. The co-ordination of hands and mind that one needs while forming those flowy jointed letters helps to improve the mind and hand synchronization. As the motor skills become good, the reflexes of the person become stronger and they tend to be more active.

iii. Active brain – writing in cursive has the power to active multiple regions of the brain. Not only has it improved the co-ordination between the different parts. Cursive activates different parts and makes the brain more active. An active brain can absorb in more information as compared to a sleepy one. The brain is trained to imbibe the visual information, the tactile data and the dexterity of the motor skills.  Moreover, with the three things working in unison, the child will always learn better.

So, whenever you feel that you are having difficulty in learning the course. Try to look up the ncert solutions class 10 english on the any website and write it down in cursive to fortify the data.  Since the boards exams are still written on paper, a beautiful handwriting can fetch you some extra marks.

  1. Writing better – We aren’t talking about the handwriting part here but the content that we write gets better. A beautiful, legible and fluent handwriting improves the cognitive skills and help us improve the thought process and hence the composition quality.
  2. Helps in dyslexia – Research suggests that writing the artistic way can serve as a teaching aid for those with learning impairments like dyslexia. Since the cursive handwriting involves the cognitive and visual skills, it may help to overcome dyslexia. Writing is a slower process than typing and involves critical thinking too, it aids better in the recognition of letters.
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