In What Ways Can a Bible App Prove To Be Beneficial?

This app has social media significance. Using this amazing app, you can easily add your friends, post messages, comment on messages posted by others, and like their highlights, etc. This is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your Christian friends.
An excellent means to connect with your Christian friends
In this app, you can find all your present or past church friends. Bible app will highlight the names of your friends so that you can easily find them. You can see the devotionals they have finished. This application sets the stage for beneficial online discussions. On coming across any verse, you can comment on them, highlight them, or click on the like button to begin a discussion.
Convert verses into pictures
Visual illustration is the most effective way of communication. This app gives a way to convert a verse to picture to catch the attention of people. You are provided with an option to place multiple background pictures on the verse and arrange it in different ways.
You can change the font, size and color of the verse to make it look more appealing and catchy. The best and effective use of this functionality is by sharing God’s verse and images.
Easy readability in dim light
We all are aware that the blue light reflected from the screen of mobile, television and other electronic devices are very bad for our eyes. It puts a lot of strain on the eyes and makes the vision poor.
With this app, you get a low light option in which you can easily read white colored letters written on a black background. This enables people to easily stay in contact with all the latest updates without experiencing any strain on the eyes. However, dim the light is you can easily read the characters without any discomfort.
Ample Translations
There are several types of translations available on the app. One can use NLT, i.e., new living translation or NET, i.e., New English Translation to translate your verse in different languages. This app provides a total of 1096 different translations.
Also, if somebody has written a verse that is in a different language, then using this functionality you can translate it easily. This app brings several online versions that help you use this translation functionality while you are offline.
Post in attractive font styles
To make your verse impressive, you can try writing it in different fonts, font sizes between 10pt and 30pt, font styles such as bold, italics, underline, etc. You can choose from some of the most common and popular type of fonts such as Avenir, Georgia, Baskerville, Hoefler Text, Helvetica Neue, and Verdana.
For those who are not aware of these features will surely find this post useful. With this app Bible becomes a part of your life. You can easily download it on your computer, tablet or your phone. Also you can choose from 1096 translations. So, whenever you come across any confusing verses, you can easily switch over to a different translation, which has a simpler version of that particular verse.

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