Wednesday 12 May 2021

Introducing The Industrial Look Into Your Home

Former industrial buildings such as warehouses have been transformed into stunning properties. Now you can use some of those industrial designs to transform your home. By combining metals, wood, concrete, and glass, you can create a chic new look for your interior. If you add softer elements such as drapes and soft upholstery, it looks even cooler.

Introducing The Industrial Look Into Your Home

Exposing the Elements

Stripping back walls and floors to the basics is one easy way to get the industrial look. You can leave one wall as the bare brick to give a room a new stylish look. It also keeps costs down when it comes to decorating because you will not need a plasterer or even paint it. If an entire brick wall seems too much, you just expose the area around a chimney breast or an alcove.

Natural Touches

This is perfect for recycling or reusing natural materials. Look out for rustic timber, such as large pieces of old wood, driftwood, planks used for scaffolding, galvanized metal or glass, and use these materials as decorative accessories, seating, shelving or tables, for example.

Introducing The Industrial Look Into Your Home

Going for Old

Hunt around scrapyards or in skips for vintage industrial accessories such as pendant lighting to put over the dining table. This gives a lot of character – and a sense of history – to a room.

Storage Space

Shelving is one area where industrial elements really work well. You can make a wall unit using plumbing pipes and scaffolding planks. Another eye-catching wall feature is to use metal or industrial shelving. These are great for creating bookshelves or TV stands, as an example. For industrial shelving in Ireland, you can find great examples from a company such as

New Use for Old Objects

You can let your imagination run away with you when decorating your home with industrial units. Old filing cabinets or metal tool chests can be given a new lease of life as a nightstand or kitchen cupboards. Look at these old objects in a new light and imagine how they will fit into your home if they are painted or decorated.

Mix and Match

The key to the industrial look is to mix and match vintage pieces with contemporary furniture so it doesn’t look too industrial. Keep your colors fairly neutral to complete the industrial look with shades of grey, white and black.