It’s Housewarming Time: Get Your Home Bar Ready

For the past several months you have been looking for a special home, one that you will move in and embrace the welcoming days as the time passes by. And after finding the right house, you moved in and took a few days to rearrange the house to your liking, yet something is missing. In order to complete the move-in ritual, you have to throw a welcoming party and invite all your friends for a drink and hot beverage. For this event, you will anything ranging from spirits to glasses and other bartending tools. Here are a few tips that will help you organize the event flawlessly.

Restocking Your Kitchen

Every awesome party has a variety of cocktails to choose from. If you want to make a cocktail party, prepare your kitchen stocks with tons of seasonal fruits such as lemon, lime, oranges, and also try and find aromatic herbs (mint, basil, thyme, lemon verbena) which add that final kick to every cocktail. Make sure your freezer is stocked with ice, and once that is done, you can start mixing the mouth-watering pleasures.

Bar Accessories

There are plenty of bar accessories which make a crucial part of every party, and you should know which ones to choose depending on the kind of party you are throwing.  There are essentials, such as citrus reamer, muddler and cocktail shaker, bar spoon, jigger, bottle opener and paring knife. It all depends on how much money you are willing to spend on these bar accessories, but if you cannot afford them all, you can improvise and use a long spoon instead of bar spoon, or use standard kitchen measures instead of jigger. Be creative, and put your budget to the best use for after all, it is quality liquor that matters.

Spirits which are “Must have”

Usually, every home bar has liquors that are kind of essentials, such as gin, vodka, wines, whiskey, tequila, and in some cases you can see dark and light rum. In addition to these, you can get your liquor specials from well-stocked liquor stores, in accordance to your preferences. Having a few extra drinks will not hurt your wallet, and can be a great addition to your party, for that one extra drink might just be the one someone was looking for.

Have Different Types of Glasses

It is very important to know how to serve liquor and in what type of glass. Normally, a good party needs beer jugs, set of martini glasses, set of tall champagne glasses and wine glasses. In addition to that, you may add shot glasses for tequila and vodka. If you are an expert in cocktail, consider adding slender highballs to your addition. Overall, it is all up to you and the type of party you are looking to throw, plus the knowledge you have about liquor and how to serve it. The more you know the better.

Add the Mixers

To finish up, add a slight touch of mixers into your cabinet. These range from tonic water to club soda and fizzy lemonade. All of these bubbly and refreshing additions will serve as the final addition to your cocktails. Your cocktails will be both perfect and will serve yet another purpose, and that is protecting your guests from hangover the next day. And what is better to fight off the morning dizziness than a tinge of fizz. If you are a true cocktail aficionado, having a permanent cocktail bar in your home will help you fully indulge this passion.

Having a home bar can be helpful in many situations, and for all those cocktail enthusiasts, this is a perfect way of practicing your cocktail-making skills while at the same time you get to know the liquor. And if you ever think about throwing a party, you will be more than ready to do it. So keep the liquor cabinet stocked, and your house will always stay warm and welcoming.

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