Wednesday 06 December 2023

Jim Corbett National Park – Time to Enjoy Wildlife Safaris

Corbett Resort - Resort De Coracao

With winter season gradually dwindling, the time for wildlife sightings is nearly here. Get a little more venturesome this time and feel amazed by exploring the unusual.Viewing animals in their natural habitation is one of the most captivating experiences. And, if you get the chance to spot wildlife that normally gets away from the eye, the sense of exploration undeniably proliferates. So, instead of a usual wildlife safari, this year, travel around areas where rare animals live.

Corbett Resort - Resort De Coracao

Are you an adventure junkie? Yes, then you must visit Jim Corbett National Park this holiday season. This national reserve is a haven for all those who are even the slightest bit interested in flora and fauna, and wildcat. With the top tiger populace, the park is the right place to spot the difficult to track down animals. Even if sightseers are fortunate enough to spot the tigers, the park has a lot many things to offer. Opulent savannahs, wide-ranging avian inhabitants, and assorted animals make the park an attention-grabbing and fascinating bio spot. The park has a scenic site at the slopes of the Himalayas on the banks of river Ramanganga.

Well, tourists don’t need to worry about accommodation as there many Jim Corbett National Park Resorts wherein you can get all types of amenities that you can think about. The best thing of staying in these resorts is that they are pretty near to the park, which will further makes it quite easier for you walk around the area and come back and relax after day long exploration.

The park has furnished itself well to make it sightseer-friendly. There are machans spread all over the area which enables tourists to hike and reach the maximum height and enjoy a good view of wildlife. Carrying a binocular is always suggested to have a good sight of the avian populace here. If you don’t have binoculars, then you can buy it from the shops nearby Jim Corbett National Park Resorts that sell such stuff. The best and safest way to expedition the park is to take a guided tour for which you can again get tickets from the resort itself (as you can request them to arrange the tickets).

Basically, guides are professionals who know the area better as to where you have more likelihoods of seeing the tiger and other wildlife. They also have information about the pathways, thereby ensuring that you won’t get lost in the wilderness.

Some part of the National Park can be sightseeing on foot too. It is, however, a bit unsafe and a guide is again suggested. Apart from this, tourists can even go for elephant and jeep safaris that are other options. Visitors are again recommended to check out before hand for the availability of jeep safaris as the park authorities permit the entrance of a fixed number of vehicles per day so as to monitor the noise and pollution intensities in the park (again the tickets for the same can be requested to the staff of the Jim Corbett National Park Resorts). Elephant safaris are much better to get somewhat closer to the wild creatures. Since vehicles make clamour and fright the animals away, elephants are the right option to get a nearer look. If you are thinking about why only Jim Corbett then here are top 10 reasons to Visit Jim Corbett National Park.