Monday 20 September 2021

Keep Your Business Secure With These High Tech Security Measures

Keep Your Business Secure With These High Tech Security Measures

As a business, safety ought to be one of your biggest concerns. All businesses revolve around valuable assets. It could be expensive equipment or tools. It could be highly important data stored on a computer. It could simply be a large amount of stock that needs selling. Whatever your business, there’s always a way to step up the security measures. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the high tech lengths that companies are going to. Many of these can be adopted by your business and add to your security.

CCTV Cameras and Command Center

There’s nothing new about CCTV cameras, but the technology is becoming wildly advanced. Sometimes, just the appearance of a CCTV camera is enough to deter thieves and burglars. This led many businesses to buy fake or decoy cameras. This will keep many at bay, but the most sophisticated thieves can spot a fake from a mile away. We suggest investing in good quality, highly detailed facial imagery cameras. They identify and maximise visual detail on the face of intruders.

Motion and Weight Sensors

These should be your first line of defense when it comes to your business property. Whether it’s an office, warehouse or factory, we recommend using motion sensors at the perimeter. It will simply detect the first signs of intrusion and alert the other security features. It will put the CCTV cameras on high alert and be ready to place a call to police immediately.

Keep Your Business Secure With These High Tech Security Measures

Encryption and Firewalls

Nowadays, digital fraud and thievery is just as worrying as a physical break in. More and more hackers are exploiting the personal data stored by major companies. They are using this information to hack into bank accounts and exploit sensitive data. If your company handles sensitive data, bring in a team of experts to set up encryptions and firewalls around your online data. Update this regularly. Remember, technology moves forward fast.

Security Detail

Often, there is no better security measure than the presence of a security detail. With armed guards and security dogs patrolling your property, you can be sure of safety. What’s more high tech than human instinct looking after your inventory?

Good Old-fashioned Locks

All these high tech, electronic security are great. However, we also recommend having a solid, secure storage area complete with heavy locks. When it comes to storing equipment safely, there are few better ways. Simple cages and locks will foil thieves at the last second. Invest in gas cylinder cages, wire mesh enclosures and thick, solid locks. Sometimes, the oldest tricks are the best!

Metal Detectors

If your business is one where people roam freely around the building, this might be worth considering. We are seeing more and more metal detectors being installed in large, open office spaces. It reduces the likelihood of dangerous weapons being brought in and used.

Safety and security is one of the most important investments you can make in your business. Theft can destroy your finances and have extensive repercussions. Take these steps and avoid it today.