Kitchen Trends For 2018 – New Design For A New Year

6 new trends for kitchen design set to dominate in 2018. If you’re redesigning your kitchen in the new year, you need to read this!

For many the kitchen is the heart of the home, but needs a bit of TLC every few years. With the year drawing to a close, its time to look ahead to 2018. And with a new year, comes new design trends. Out with the old and in with the new! If 2018 is the year you give your kitchen a much-needed makeover, then this is all you need to know about kitchen design trends for the new year.

Back in October leading kitchen designers in Essex, Roman Kitchens, went on an exclusive tour of new kitchen products and fittings available for the new year. Touring the Rotpunkt Kitchens factory, in Germany, to see all the latest trends set to come in 2018. The German designers aim to produce, high quality, on trend fittings and fixtures for your kitchen, using 37% less timber to be environmentally conscious.

The tour guide, lead designer at Roman Kitchens, has been creating kitchen designs for the past 5 years. Accompanied always by an expert team of kitchen fitters, to carry out her and her client’s vision. With her finger on the pulse, she keeps ups with the latest design trends, and always innovates in all her work.

After this tour, she set out to compile a list of kitchen design trends that will be huge in 2018. If you’re looking for kitchen design ideas for the new year, look no further! Here’s a leading designers top 6 picks of new design trends, for a new year.

  1. Wood Features

Not a new trend, but certainly one that is here to stay and grow even bigger in 2018. Yes, wood accents and features are being used to soften and warm modern kitchens. Bringing a rustic atheistic to an otherwise urban kitchen, the use of natural materials, such as oak and walnut, bring a warm feel in the age of industrial kitchens. Paired with darker shades and sleek cabinets, the wood accent creates a centre piece, that draws the eye in your new elegant kitchen.

  1. Industrial Colours Finishes

The industrial revolution is here! 2018 will see the rise of industrial colours and finishes in the home. Concrete colours and textures will dominate the home in the new year to come. Darker colours for fixtures and fittings will give an industrial vibe to the modern kitchen. Paired with warming woods and greenery, your kitchen won’t look and feel as cold and smoky as the 19th century. Again, sleek surfaces and cabinets are featured, to truly modernise the home – seamlessly creating a minimalistic feel.

  1. Handle Free Cabinets

Drawers and cabinet handles have been eliminated from current modern design trends – for now. Sleek and minimal kitchen cabinets are set to govern interior design in 2018, the desire for ‘less is more’ has grown. Shaker style kitchens are becoming ever more popular due to their minimal and sleek design. Cabinets and drawers conceal highly functional, and vastly extensive, storage options for the minimalist that wants to keep their kitchen clear and polished. Handle-less cabinets and drawers are being paired with slab textures, such as marble, to convey stylish functionality.

  1. Marble

Luxurious marble is a trend that dips in and out of commercial kitchen design, but it’s set to have a mighty return in 2018. Previously we saw marble surfaces in kitchen design, but now marble has adorned the walls of kitchens! Although costly, marble accents can convey a luxurious and stylish kitchen – you can use a finite amount of marble and still add some style to your new kitchen. There are alternatives to marble too, that look just as stylish. The trick is in the coloured ‘veins’ that run throughout the surface, keep your eye out for cheaper marble alternatives in 2018 if you’re on a budget.

  1. Pastel Colours

Amidst the rising of industrial colours, pastel colours are set to add a little warmth to an urban and industrial kitchen. Paired with wood and greenery, pastel colours can add some much-desired colour to a darker kitchen. One colour that is set to be a power house in the kitchen for 2018, is blue. Blue is the new bold. Accented walls, cabinets and surfaces in blue can highlight features of your kitchen. Not only that, but it pairs nicely with industrial colours to give some stylish colour to your kitchen.

  1. Greenery

Some less expensive kitchen decorating ideas, are including greenery in your kitchen. Potted plans and herbs in the kitchen are coming back for 2018. Against the back drop of industrial colours and finishes, natural colours and features can add a warming quality to your kitchen. As spoken about with wood, greenery in the home adds a natural contrast to an urban kitchen. Not only does it add style, but plants improve concentration and circulate oxygen around the room. Herbs are an added bonus, especially if you love cooking with fresh ingredients for that extra flavour.

And that’s it! That’s our list for upcoming design trends in 2018. So, if you’re redesigning your kitchen in the new year, include all/any of the aforementioned trends above to add some wow factor to your new, perfect kitchen.

Author Bio:

Hugh Sallows is a Content Marketing Executive at Revive Digital. Writing content for magazines, blogs and websites, Hugh has an extensive history in writing.

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