Knitted Fabrics of Different Varieties and Their Applications

Knitting is kind of method applied for creating different kinds of fabrics by interlocking many different series of loops of either any single yarn or more numbers of yarn. Let us try to discuss about various knitted fabrics and how they are produced and what kind of knitting machines are used for that purpose.

There are two major types of knitting which is also manufactured by Sintelli is commonly done in order to create the fabric.

  1. Wrap knitting

In the wrap type of knitting there is a formation of loop along the fabric length continuously. Following are few different kinds of wrap knitting machine:

  1. Tricot knit
  1. Raschel knit
  1. Crochet knit
  1. Milanese knit


  1. Weft knitting

Weft knitting is one method where loop formation is usually found along the width of the fabric in sequential manner. Following are few different types of weft knitting machines:

  1. Straight bar frame knitting machine

In this type of machine, lines of needles are normally fixed to some support which is termed as needle bar for movement in unison. Like any machines of any cotton type. In this type of machine, it has two different lines of needles in order to draw loops in opposite direction.

  1. Flat knitting machine

This type of knitting is a kind of method that produces knitted fabrics in which the work is periodically turned that means the fabric is made in alternate sides that faces the knitter.

  1. Circular knitting machine

Circular knitting machine is a round form of stitching that can create seamless tube. When you knit in circular manner then knit is cast in such a way that circle is joined by stitches. Knitting is achieved in round form or in the form of spiral.

Nowadays, many new developments are taking place as the demand for various designs of garments are increasing.

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