Know About The Cost Effective and Versatile Waterproof Connectors’ Connection Options

In the wet environments in indoors or outdoors, can easily destroy any tools and equipment. Any computer with standard connector cannot withstand water and dust resulting deformation and decompose. So the question is that how can you keep your computer safe from moisture and water come from? This problem raises the need for watertight connectors.

Connectors with waterproofing function are one of the most profitable and versatile options to keep equipment safe from water and other harmful substances. These connectors are time tested compact and efficient solution for cable to cable connection ensures superior mating. With environmental hazards rating, which can be easily installed to operate in extreme conditions of dust and water. Its nominal capacity code displays the safe use and protection under the total water immersion. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for wet rooms, saunas, poolside, anywhere in the indoors or outdoors. In addition, CCTV and other security systems can also be kept safe and permanent through the realization of these connectors.

Waterproof connectors are designed for the manufacture of cables and easy handling equipment and unplug in wet conditions. They are designed with a female connector on the line connected to the end connector. The best part of these connectors is the availability of different sizes and dimensions. They can be used, from single to 16 contact connectors. The connectors are produced from plastic material with nylon body and black colour. A user can have with male and female contacts to avoid the mismatch of the connectors. Contacts are gold plated brass and according to the highest quality standards.

Design: Develop watertight connectors with solder contacts to facilitate design flexibility and polarization. Lightweight, anti-corrosive and stable, which are available with contact identification platform mere recognition of the circuits saving time and energy? Contacts are professionally Solder Cup to ensure that not relax.


The following are some of the key features of the connectors making them the ultimate choice for use on the computer

  1. It can be played, even with wet hands
  2. Compact and portable
  3. Easy installation and replacement
  4. Ideal for harsh environments and rough
  5. Prefect sewage, marine, industry water treatment, etc.
  6. Various sizes available up to 16 contacts
  7. Economic

Technical specifications:

  1. Maximum operating pressure up to 30,000psi
  2. Rated voltage up to 600 V DC
  3. Withstand temperatures up to 70°

Areas of application:

  1. underwater lighting
  2. sewer inspection
  3. communications
  4. Sonar systems
  5. Batteries hydrophone
  6. industry wastewater
  7. Swimming pools
  8. Security products

The entry of water causes a system failure that make you pay high when it comes to money, energy and time. Creating a water resistant design component is not enough to make your computer safe from harm; cables and connectors must also be waterproof. Therefore, waterproof connectors have proven to be the best way to keep your computer safe. They can be used with any type and cable type without having to worry about performance and effectiveness.

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