Saturday 09 December 2023

Know More About Natural Traditional Indian Attars And Pure Floral Absolutes

What are attars?

Attar is the most popular traditional oil that is used as the scent, fragrance, and essence. Attar has a significant impact on different industrial products. Some of the most popular natural traditional Indian attars include-

  • Attar Amber
  • Attar Chameli
  • Attar Gulab
  • Attar Heena
  • Attar Jasmine
  • Attar Khus
  • Attar Indian Lotus
  • Attar Mehndi Blossam
  • Attar Mitti
  • Attar Marigold
  • Attar Mottia
  • Attar Rose
  • Attar Ruh Genda
  • Attar Gardenia
  • Attar Shamama
  • Attar Zafri

How attars are made?

Attar has many categories such as pure floral absolutes, pure floral water, etc. These are perfume oils extracted from the various botanical sources like flowers, woods, resins, and spices. The natural traditional Indian attars manufacturer use extraction method of steam and mostly hydro distillation processes. Pure floral absolutes or essential oils are highly concentrated, non-irritating, and non-alcoholic which is highly beneficial. If you will find a quality-certified natural manufacturer, then you will get the highest quality products with 100% purity grades.

What are the different types of Attars?

Well, natural traditional Indian attars are basically floral or herbal. Initially, the natural attars are extracted from the single species of flower. And, later these are the product of a variety of flowers, spices, and herbs. For example, floral attars include Gulab, Chameli, kewra, gulhina & kadam, and Herbal attar mostly contain Hina and its different type of forms.

These traditional natural attars can be warm or cool based on how they work according to a human body. Warm attars generate warming effects and used during winters while cool attars are helpful for the body in summers.

How attars are used?

Attars are widely used for as cosmetic & perfumery products. The natural traditional Indian attars manufacturers provide this variety of fragrance oils which are used to build different products. Therefore, the users have a variety of choices and they can choose according to their needs.

Many traditional attars also have properties which enhance vitality and boost energy system. Especially, the attars supplied by the natural traditional Indian attars manufacturer are highly effective in a headache, vertigo, gout, gonorrhea, and to treat renal diseases. Also, these are helpful in case of paralysis and mental retardation.


There are many natural traditional Indian attars manufacturer present in the market. You need to find the most trusted and reliable suppliers or manufacturers who can bring you with best quality attar products with a variety at affordable prices.