Wednesday 08 September 2021

Know The Advantages & Applications Of Cobalt Alloys In Various Industries

Alloy Manufacturing

The chemical element cobalt has a wide range of application in various industries and more than cobalt, its alloys experience wide demand due to the enhanced properties that they exhibit. However, while machine parts made up of cobalt alloys are now popular, cobalt itself has been in use since the ancient period in jewelry, ceramics, etc. At that time, one of the prime applications of cobalt was to color the glass items in China and Egypt. However, at that time, it was mainly used as a pigment and its scientific uses were largely unknown.

Know The Advantages & Applications Of Cobalt Alloys In Various Industries

Cobalt is still today used as an important ingredient in paint pigments and batteries. The chemical element remains solid at room temperature and has got his name from a German word “kobald” which means evil spirit. The name is so as early miners believe that the element is evil as on smelting the same, toxic vapors get released. One of the radioactive isotopes of the element is also widely used today in the treatment of cancer. Another popular use of cobalt is supplementing horses in little quantity so that their performance during race can be improved. However, its positive or negative outcomes are yet to establish.

Some of the popular cobalt alloys i.e. having cobalt as the base material are the following ones:

  • Cobalt-Chrome

This type of alloy is made up of cobalt and chrome. First discovered in the 20th century, the alloy resists oxidation to a considerable extent and exhibit a high melting point. This makes the alloy extremely preferred one for application in the following ones:

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Dental Implants
  • Gas Turbines
  • Medical Prosthetics
  • Jewelry (wedding bands)
  • Engine Components
  • Cobalt-Steel

Cobalt steel is one of the most used metals for manufacturing grinding parts that demand high endurance and no re-sharpening at all. The alloy also does not require repair for a long time and this works wonderfully with low maintenance. It is hence used for manufacturing the following ones.

  • Rotors
  • Drill Bits
  • Musical Instruments

There is also cobalt aluminum alloy used in some industries for its magnetic properties similar to the lines of iron. There are many alloy manufacturers who made custom machine parts of such alloys with a remarkable expertise. These alloys have numerous advantages over the base material as they are wear and tear resistant, corrosion resistant and can resist heat. Clearly, such properties have drawn the attention of myriad of industries towards cobalt as after all at the end of the day, industry demand durable material for manufacture of various parts of machines or products itself. Nowadays, in bone surgeries too, cobalt alloys are used.

So, if you are a factory owner or just want the best allow to suit specific needs, an awareness of the advantageous properties and applications of cobalt alloys will help you to make the best decision. As discussed before, there is no dearth of machine parts made up of such alloys and can be purchased from alloy manufacturers.