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Know the Capabilities Of Your Candidates When Hiring Through Psychometric Tests

Know the Capabilities Of Your Candidates When Hiring Through Psychometric Tests

While hiring a person, for a recruiter it is important to know if he will be the right choice for a concerned job or not. To determine the same in an interview of a few minutes, it is not possible to know the true abilities of the candidate, and hence some tests can help the recruiter to meet the requirements.

The Test:

It is evident from the name as psychometric tests that they are scientific criterion methods to assess the behavioural way and the mental capabilities of a person. To assess and measure the suitability of a candidate for a particular role that is based on the needed cognitive or aptitude abilities and personality characteristics psychometric tests are employed for the purpose. In order to recognize the extent to which the personality of the candidate and aptitude go with those required to carry out the role. In face to face interaction, it is very difficult to extract the hidden aspects of the personality of the candidate, so the employers utilize information gathered from the psychometric test to recognize those aspects. These tests are designed in a way that can help one decipher the inner traits of the candidate and know if the person will be able to justify the job assigned or not.

The major purpose of the psychometric tests is to identify in the initial stage those applicants who have applied for the job to make out whether they are fit for the position or not. Some applicants are of the view that the psychometric tests are not a better measure for the assessment of their suitability, personal traits, and real abilities. Employers hold the view that the psychometric tests are reliable in predicting the performance of the applicant and in most cases an accurate evaluation of the candidate is provided by the test.These tests are conducted online by the experts who evaluate the performance of the candidate, thus can be called as online psychometric assessment test. Employers want to note and see the way you behave with other people and how you confront social situations and how you work with other people.

Something About Psychometric Tests:

In the selection and recruitment processes, psychometric tests can be utilized by the employers to measure your ability in skills. These skills are as numerical, diagrammatical reasoning and verbal or they make out your personal qualities by giving you questionnaires.

  • Aptitude or ability tests

To familiarise yourself with the kind of questions and in getting feedback on your performance practicing tests can be very helpful.

  • Questions on personality

It is meant to gauge and assess various aspects of your personality. Moreover, they note the manner in which you react to different situations. Usually, there is no scope for wrong and right answers and are not timed. The questions are utilized to observe whether you would suit the role applied for and fit in the culture of the organization. It is better to reply honestly and not to guess about what the employers want to know.


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