Saturday 09 December 2023

Know The Tips For Successful Installation Of An Aluminum Fence

If you are looking for an elegant fencing option that lasts for a lifetime, then the best suitable choice is aluminum fences. You can design it as per your preference with unique style, color and also within your budget.

Installing a fence is not an easy task. You need to know various aspects before commencing the project. The following tips will help you while installing aluminum fence for your residence.

Factors to consider before installing

  • Check local zonal laws – Each area is different, and permits specific types of fences. Make sure that you are aware of the height limitations, boundaries, etc. to avoid any legal issues or breaking the law. If you want to know any information about the zonal laws, you could check with the HOA (Local Homeowner’s Association).
  • Identify property and underground utility lines – Check the boundaries and underground lines of your property, before installation. If they are not surveyed properly, you may face problems in future.
  • Install suitable fencing – There are three grades of aluminum fencing such as commercial, industrial and residential. Choose the appropriate one among them based on your needs.
  • Mark the pole locations – Mark distance between each pole correctly by using paint. A single mistake may lead to serious problem, which makes your effort worthless, and you will need to start the entire process again. So, be careful and make appropriate markings.
  • Aluminum and concrete fencing – You can mount the aluminum posts on concrete, but there are a few things that one needs to keep in mind. If you haven’t followed the basics, then the fence will get damage day by day, and finally may lead to weakening and sagging.

Installation process

After marking and digging holes, you can easily install aluminum fences, without wasting your time. For successful installation process, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Find out if all the necessary materials to fix the aluminum post has been provided by the retailer or manufacturer.
  • If you find any sloppy areas, then mark them and use rackable panels on it. They come with wider holes, so the pickets can easily go through it without any problem.
  • Place metal or wood stakes and run the string on the fencing line.
  • To have fence in a straight line, you need to run a string correctly on the marked holes. If you want to install 6′ wide panels with two posts, then take measurement of 721/2” on center.
  • Now, place the posts about one-fourth to one inch distance from the string.
  • Attach each section of the fence by using horizontal rails. Then place the one inch tapping screw to attach both.
  • Mix the concrete and pour it on the leveled holes. You can also place dirt on the holes to pack tightly.
  • Place a suitable gate so that you can easily open and close it without obstructions.
  • Check once again and make necessary adjustments.

Hope these tips will help you to set up your fencing easily without any complications.