Know Your Wedding Caterer

When preparing for a wedding reception, one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle is finding the right caterer. There are several ways to identify which caterer will suit your needs and the needs of your wedding guests. Take these things and more into consideration when choosing the right caterer for you.

You need to be aware of what your caterer is specialized in, and you need to hire an experienced caterer that has dealt with several occasions before yours. Always remember to ask for a food tasting session if possible. A good caterer that means business will provide you with one, if one does not provide you one session, it`s your higher chance to find another one.


Catering costs depend on the package rates, and the caterer should provide facilities i.e. tablecloths, napkins, linens and much more. Gratuity to the servers may also apply. Remember to have a realistic quote to determine if the cost would fit your budget. By doing all this you would be in a position to know how you will spend for the occasion.


It’s very obvious for the caterers to be in charge of all beautifications of the event, aside from the wedding florists, the caterers can also be in charge of all the decorations and identifying the best wedding venues. Always remember to inquire with your caterer’s team if they will do table setting and skirting.

Always make sure your caterers are available on that very day so as to avoid miscellaneous embarrassments in that the caterer might have booked another date on the same day as your wedding day. This will ensure that your caterer does not have other commitment to attend to as per your schedule.

If your chosen events caterer handles two appointments on the same very day, they should immediately provide you with adequate staff to deploy your reception. By considering this, will enhance smooth flow of your event and be the most memorable event to have ever been organized which is never disappointing so as to get rid of unnecessary shame.


It’s essential to ask your caterers for menus and stage beautifications because you can’t do it all by yourself. Come up with the most appropriate decoration idea or rather what to offer your guests.

If your caterer is more professional they will provide you menu sample that were used during previous catering events. Your caterer should provide you with waiters, and always remember to ask if their services are charged differently or are included in everything as per the budget.


The caterer should give you the approval of surety , in this case, the caterer should be able to show you the previous photos of how the table settings, venue decorations, and food arrangement were presented on the buffet table they have ever done before.

Always remember to ask for more referrals and references, consistent caterers will always give you contacts of their previous clients. This will help you know if you are dealing with the correct and reliable caterer.

Ryan Davis is the owner of Argyle Catering the best company for catering Jefferson City, MO has to offer.

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