Tuesday 15 June 2021

Knowing your Criminal Defence Lawyer

Criminal Defence Lawyers doesn’t need introduction or definition of any sort. A lawyer who defends you or your company, charged with any criminal activity, to escape serving in prison. Criminal Defence Lawyers are really important, and the only way for the accused person to escape from clutches of law. They can be called, “life-saver”, quite literally.

Generally, a person starts panicking if he is charged with some criminal case. It should always be kept in mind that laws were made to ensure that each individual gets to enjoy his/her fundamental rights. Don’t panic, hire a Criminal Defence Lawyer!

Here are a few points to guide you through the process of hiring your lawyer.


  • The first step, after hiring a lawyer, is explaining your case with full transparency. To make sure that you and your lawyer are on the same page, it’s always wise to establish a proper channel of communication.



  • Time plays an important role because even experienced lawyers take time to study the case, find the loopholes and practice before the court proceedings. So, it is advised to hire a lawyer well before time to ensure the chances of a favourable outcome.



  • It’s just because they are so important, choosing the right lawyer affects the result to a great extent. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while hiring a Criminal Defence Lawyer.



  • Years of experience: It is important for any lawyer to have decent years of “field experience”. As for many other professions, experience matters, a lot, as far as Criminal Defence Lawyers are concerned. It is because, lawyers learn, more about extracting loopholes and spotting happenings out of series of events, from experience rather than books. These loopholes and happenings play a large factor in affecting the court hearing.



  • Reputation matters: Reputation of the lawyer is a key coordinate. It summarizes the ability, experience and code of conduct of the lawyer. Reputation, and influence of the lawyer, at times, becomes really important.
  • Time-bound: Always ask for your Criminal Defence Lawyer about the duration he or she will take to finish the case. It is important for your lawyer to be properly dedicated to your case and relieve you of the burden as soon as possible. Ask questions regarding the accessibility of your lawyer.



  • Comfortable: This one is a bit unorthodox yet, an important point. It is important for you to be comfortable enough with your Criminal Defence Lawyer to reveal every minute details of your case. This saves you from any unwelcome trouble during court proceedings.



  • Primary area of practice: Unlike many other professions, a lawyer can practice in different areas, Civil Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law etc., after acquiring the required degree. Try to hire a lawyer who practices in criminal law only! This generally increases the chance of your victory.



  • People have reported, many times, that their Criminal Defence Lawyer didn’t treat them with proper respect and kept canceling on them. To make sure that this never happens with you, prepare yourself before meeting any lawyer. Make a list of questions regarding the case and state your expectations of him/her beforehand. This will help smooth functioning of your case ending in a good experience.



  • Always ask for the legal fees of your lawyer beforehand to make sure the case doesn’t get distracted in its midway.


These were a few steps and precautions, one should follow to make sure the court hearing comes in their favor. Half of your battle is won if you find an apt lawyer for your situation. Find your Criminal Defence Lawyer, here.

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