Laminated Tubes – How It Is Useful In Cosmetic Industries?

Laminated Tubes are boon for various industrial purposes. Industries like Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Personal Care etc. are hugely benefited from this invention. There are multiple benefits and uses of Laminated Tubes. It has several qualities that are unmatched.

The packing of the Laminated tube is beautiful and attractive. This lamination gives the option of various designs and printing.  Laminated tubes are durable and cost-effective. Laminated tubes have advantages over aluminum and plastic tubes.

The ingredients of cosmetic products don’t react in laminated tubes and can retain the same fragrance and qualities of cosmetic products for a long time.

Benefits of Laminated Tubes for Cosmetic Industries:

  1. Leakage proof: Laminated tubes are leak proof. These tubes have several layers and plastic coating that helps these tubes from leakage.
  2. Durability: Laminated tubes are durable and provide a good life for a product. These tubes must be protected from direct sunlight to increase the shelf life of the product.
  3. Flexibility: Laminated tubes are flexible and light weight. These tubes are easy to use and don’t break when turning around or fold. The products stored in it not come out easily.
  4. Attractive: Laminated tubes are attractive and glossy. They feel smooth and soft to touch.
  5. Sealing capabilities: Laminated tubes have good sealing capabilities
  6. Sucking Tendency: Laminated tubes have a tendency to suck the excess quantity back and get back the original shape quickly.
  7. Good barriers: Laminated tubes are good barriers and protect the product from light, moisture, and air. These tubes provide a greater life to its products.
  8. Cost Effective: Laminated tubes are cost effective as no need for additional packing for these tubes. This helps in decreasing its

Laminated tubes are made either of thin gauges of foil with polyethylene on either side. Laminated tubes have several advantages over aluminum and plastic tubes.

Advantages of Laminated Tubes

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