Saturday 29 May 2021

Laser Engraving machine application in the medical industry

The medical cause is related to the life and health of the people, and the anti-counterfeiting of anti-counterfeiting has become the top priority for protecting consumers’ health and safety. For example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has implemented medical product identification regulations and mandates that all product devices require a unique identification number (UDI), which means that both the drug and the part medical device are required to be marked.

Technical needs of the medical industry

In the medical industry, identification mark is mainly reflected in medicines and medical equipment. Because the laser engraving machine method is easy to fall off and caused tampering, it is often because the coating contains poisonous substances and environmental pollution and other factors that do not meet the safety standards of the medical industry. In this environment, the medical industry urgently needs a processing product that is conducive to product control and safety and environmental protection, to prevent bad businesses from mixing bad medical products into hospitals and endangering human health. Therefore, the use of “contactless” processing, green environmental protection, anti-shedding, a new generation of marking laser Engraving machine – become a new technology to subvert the medical industry.

Laser engraving machine technology makes it easy to achieve “one medicine and one yard”

The laser Engraving machine is a physical removal processing method. The product identification is not easy to wear and cannot be changed. It has strong anti-counterfeiting and uniqueness. It easily realizes “one medicine and one yard” and brings extremes to medical product manufacturers. Great convenience. It is perfectly matched with the medical device product traceability system, which can maximize the safety and control of the product and prevent the product from being tampering.

Application of laser marking machine on packaging

The laser coding system can easily mark the QR code and the drug monitoring code on the medicine box or the medicine packaging, and help the product trace the source, and has authenticity and traceability. Through the laser monitoring of the drug monitoring code, the drug regulatory department is fully monitored for product production, delivery, distribution, transportation, savings, distribution and other processes.

Laser Engraving machine application on medical equipment:

Marked on medical equipment such as stainless-steel surgery and dental equipment with a laser marking machine, it is easier to read, and the marks that have been disinfected and cleaned numerous times are clearly visible, and it can effectively prevent bacteria from sticking to the surface of the equipment.

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