LASIT Overview: Range Of Laser Engraving Machines For Marking and Engraving

Since 1990, LASIT has designed and manufactured standard and custom laser engraving machines – including highly complex automated systems– for laser marking and engraving. Over the years, LASIT has continued to offer the highest level of technology with a research and development department that has helped launch new developments and releases in state-of-the-art equipment. We’ve introduced innovations in terms of mechanics, automation, hardware, and software. LASIT is able to analyze all production requirements for the customer and apply practical and innovative solutions in order to meet customers’ needs when it comes to both custom and specialized projects.

With over 20 years in the industry and an engineering team made up of mechanical, electrical, software, and applications engineers, LASIT is able to design and manufacture a full range of laser engraving machines for marking and engravingdeep cutting, and precision micro perforation. LASIT manufactures its products entirely on-site, using only high-quality components that offer durability and reliability. LASIT’s customers can benefit from a comprehensive laser laboratory that offers R&D and feasibility studies for specific applications with a broad range of lasers for testing from CO2fiber (short and long pulse), CW, Green, vanadate and UV. A detailed scientific report is provided with all testing parameters in order to recommend the best solution.

Custom solutions – Standard Components

LASIT is able to provide both simple and complex laser engraving machines with a wide range of workstations from basic desktops to more advanced workstations with programmable XYZ, rotary indexers, 5 C collets, 3-jaw chucks, rotary dial tables, automated pick & place, and sophisticated conveyors and lifts. LASIT uses high-quality standard components that have been selected carefully over the last 20 years.

On the market since 1990

With over 25 years of experience, having served more than 2,400 customers worldwide and manufactured more than 3,500 machines, we are able to support and meet even the most demanding requirements.

Other Lasit Systems

LASIT manufactures and supplies laser marking systems globally to both small and mid-sized businesses as well as to Fortune 500 companies, with 47% of Lasit’s machines in use abroad.

LASIT offers sales and service internationally with subsidiaries in Sweden, France, Benelux, Hungary, Germany, the United States, India and Israel.

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