Saturday 15 May 2021

Learn the 5 Advantages of Seedboxes Before switching over to other networks


You are an active user of torrents. Right? And you are planning to purchase a server that will help you in torrenting. Is it so?

Being an active user of torrents and switching over to a network except the seedbox is absolutely a bad idea. Do you know why? Because no other server can beat the record of seedboxes. Though it has a few drawbacks, its astounding benefits leave no space to amaze the audience.

But What are seedboxes?

The exact definition says they are the remote servers that offer extremely high speed for uploading and downloading torrents. Yes, it would not be wrong to quote that they are perfectly designed for torrenting. The speed they offer range from 100Mbits/s to 10Gbits/s and so provide a great solution for every active torrent user.

These servers are just wonderful. They have impressive benefits to attract the users, making them realize how good the server is. How? That’s a surprise. Let us unfold them gradually.

Here, we have presented the benefits that you get from these servers.

5 Benefits that you may achieve if you buy a Seedbox

  1. Impressive downloading speed: It says, these servers are good in torrenting. Means it must have a great downloading speed. As mentioned earlier that these remote servers equip with bandwidths like 100Mbps, 1Gbps, and 10Gbps. This allows to download and upload files at a faster rate. Sometimes within a minute. Sometimes within a second.

    The higher will be the speed the more will be the price. It’s quite obvious. However, you should buy a server based on your need and your budget.

    Even VPN is faster like this remote server. But the problem is VPN may work at a lower speed during its data encryption. With a seedbox, such risks are prohibited.

  2. No data breaching: Data breaching is a common problem nowadays. No matter how protected the data is, attackers succeed in using them in an unauthorized way. But with these remote servers, you will always feel safe and secure.

    This server does not showcase the personal IP address publicly. It displays only the server IP address to the person who is likely to access the data.

    Since it is a remote server and is efficient enough in covering up the IP address, it remains protected from the warning of the DMCA notice.

    Are you using seedboxes? Oh! So, lucky you are!

  3. A balanced uploading and downloading ratio: It seems you are comparing the server with VPN. Yes, you can do. But make sure you make the right decision ahead.

    Seedbox, unlike other servers, doesn’t allow public trackers to set in. It only supports private trackers. Hence it becomes essential to maintain the upload-download ratio.

    Nothing tricky! Since it comes with a huge speed and storage space, it is easier to download and upload the same file on the server. The ratio, most of the times remain 1:1, that is perfect as per the mathematical tone.

  4. Easy to use: Being a remote server based on the cloud, this can be used from anywhere anytime, irrespective of the devices. Be it a laptop, desktop or mobile phones, it is easy to access the torrent.
  5. Allow to stream video files: The remote servers that are configured with Plex server or KODI application convert the servers into media centers. This allows you to access the large video files from the server itself.

So, will you like to switch over to this server or want to stay happy with your VPNs?

Even if you are satisfied with VPNs, you must not ignore these seedboxes. Probably, they are much better than the former one. They can perform all those jobs that VPNs fail to do. When VPNs fail to maintain the privacy or slows down, it’s the remote server that comes into the picture.

Don’t think more. Choose a remote server and use your torrent seamlessly.



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