Leather Jacket Style Guide Before Purchase In This Fall!

It is the jacket that every gentleman should own and the one piece of wear that can make anyone look easily cool; this is J-Bees instructions to wearing a leather jacket.

The leather jacket is a fashionable and practical piece of men’s clothing that has stemmed from the backs of bikers in the 1910’s to cradling the shoulders of some of the most sophisticated males around the globe. The biker jacket has that skill to take you from day to night with complete comfort, and, here at J-Bees, we think it is an item of clothing that every man should hold.

Of course, a lot of would instantly think of the biker jacket, but there is a variation of these jacket designs that you can dip your toes into. From bombers to biker jackets, you can simply find a leather jacket that will match and fit your requirements.


The Ever Smart Biker Jacket

Gone are the times when the biker jacket was entirely a functional article, worn in order to support bikers battle the elements and keep their valuables protected. If you spend in a good quality one, then it will surely still guard you from the great British weather conditions or from misplacing your wallet on a night out. More relevantly, though, it is now a highly stylish piece that can be worn in any event; from pub to the brunch. Perhaps best not to turn up to the office in one, though. Be a badass with bike jackets this fall.

The Bomber Jacket

This style has reformed a lot since the initial 19th century and is now the ideal everyday jacket. Thrown on a jeans and top of a t-shirt – or even tossed over your shoulder if you are feeling brave – a bomber leather jacket is a guaranteed way to enhance almost any clothing.

The Schott Perfecto also known as Double Rider Jacket

This is an elegant leather jacket most visualize when they imagine of a leather jacket. For Your Information: The word Perfecto is, in fact, a trademarked label, and the general term for this leather jacket design is named a double rider or rider leather jacket. Differences will have two zippers rather than one.

The Racer Leather Jacket

This jacket is versatile and simple, making it very simple to dress. It introduces a center front zipper jacket, by tradition with a band collar, with very slight design details. Many of racer leather jacket pockets are zippered.

The Fencing Leather Jacket

This leather jacket is visibly narrower than the other designs, so it makes logic that it was reorganized from the jackets fencers wear. Its zips are positioned very asymmetrically and also sometimes even feature a solid S curve shape.

How to Wear It

A classic item like the leather jacket does not need a lot dressing up, so a logo top or plain is perhaps your best bet when deciding what to wear beneath your leather jacket. In the colder days, a regular jumper will also work perfectly, but do not try squeezing a chunky knit under there except you want to ideally overheat and spend the day walking around light as a feather.

When it comes to jeans, a dark shade is best; go for a slim fit or skinny so as to prevent looking like you are in fact about to bounce on a motorcycle. A classic shoe such as Lacoste Converse or Ugg Australia Neumel is an excellent match to a leather jacket; they will keep your clothing timeless and simple.

Summing up

The strong dude attitude that comes with dressing a leather jacket is mostly liable on the leather jacket and not as much on whether you can pull off a badass character.

You do need to have a boldness to dress the leather jacket, but half of it comes from the leather jacket itself. A leather jacket oozes sex appeal, masculinity, and confidence.

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