Saturday 08 May 2021

Leslie Hocker- Importance Of School Projects For Learners

Leslie Hocker- Importance Of School Projects For Learners

When it comes to education and development of children and teenagers, school projects play a vital and crucial role. These projects have a specific objective to help the learners pick up additional skills and abilities that is related to a specific subject. Children and teenagers enjoy these school projects if they are planned and executed well to help them bring out their mental faculties to the optimal extent.

Leslie Hocker- the need for good school projects

Leslie Hocker has been with the Administrative Staff for 23 years at the Borough of Mechanicsburg. She has been associated with several education, church and civic organizations. She has also been on their executive committees. She is known for her invaluable experience and reputation when it comes to administration and the management of projects. She says that project work and integrated learning help students of all ages to nurture their talents and develop. Often school projects deal with multiple disciplines where the student needs to integrate maths, science and technology together. This helps the student to expand education and knowledge.

School projects are exciting

She further says that most students find school projects to be very exciting as it involves team work. Most of the time, the project co-ordinators group students into teams where they are asked to create or work on a project together. The sense of community and cooperation increases as students learn how to work with one another. Sharing ideas and brainstorming becomes a part of these projects and they learnt to build or learn new things with one another. School projects are a great fun diversion from the boring book sessions in class. Practical workshops give students a real -life insight into the topics and the subjects that they learn. This goes the extra mile in nurturing their development and talents.

School projects also give the students the scope to motivate their learning needs to themselves. Students take the onus of finding out additional information on the subjects that they study. They learn the skills of self-learning at a young age. Teachers and instructors serve as mentors as they guide students on how they can take control of their learning and emerge as confident students.

Control of their learning

With the aid of school projects, young learners discover the choices that are available to them when it comes to education. For instance, when they are working on a technological project that involves the use of computers, they can choose to inculcate the knowledge of maths and science to explain the goals of the project. This means they get to choose the ways via which they can explain the purpose and the goal of their projects to their instructors or mentors who subsequently will guide them.

Leslie Hocker says that education is the Borough is developing at a fast pace. Students are enjoying education and their performance in schools are improving. This is encouraging not only for students but also for parents who have reinforced their trust and confidence in the school infrastructure and teachers residing here!


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