Lessons You Must Learn from The Movie-Bridesmaids

Women are mocked a lot for watching chick flicks. Well, what is wrong in watching them? They are a source of inspiration when you feel low. They bring you hope to live and enjoy life. So, this Women’s Day do ensure to watch chick flicks with your girlfriends.

A lot of chick flicks help us to get over break-ups and encourage us on our bad days. These movies subliminally teach us a lot many lessons that we ought to ignore otherwise.

You probably may have watched bridesmaids several times on your girl’s night out. But, seldom did you know what it wants you to understand. Discussed here are some lessons that the movie depicted-

Do not hesitate to ask for help

A lot of people have a problem asking for help. It is not because they are arrogant. But, the reason could be that they are shy or conscious about what exactly should be told while asking for help.

As a good bridesmaid, you have a lot of tasks under your wing. You cannot run around all the places. You ought to learn and develop the art of asking for help. Initially, you might be overwhelmed about approaching people.

However, as you interact and ask more people for help, you will learn the right approach that brings you results. You can learn this skill by asking help from people you know and trust.

For instance, you can ask your other friends to offer you a helping hand to accomplish certain tasks. This way, you will learn to be confident when you have to ask strangers for help.

Positive attitude towards life

How many times have you cried for your stupid ex-boyfriend? You had a major breakdown when you lost your job due to recession?

But, eventually, you did come out of those situations. You started following a healthy routine, visited places with your friends and eventually got into a new relationship.

You also surpassed the recession and acquired a decently good job that pays you well. Similarly, it is important to have a positive attitude towards life and move ahead.

While planning your best friend’s wedding you will be entitled to several responsibilities. You might find it difficult to accomplish them.

For instance, your friend may insist on a rose gold wedding band women but there are only a few places where they are available. In such a situation, you will have to think positively and search online for feasible shops that offer you this particular ring.

You will be glad to see the smile on your friend’s face once she gets her ring. In fact, the smile on her face when she wears it on her D-Day is worth all the efforts. Weddings are all about constantly putting your best efforts.

Financial stability

To be honest, being a bridesmaid is not a cakewalk. You have to stay strong mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. The number of swipes that you make for dress, makeup, shoes, spinsters, and flowers is likely to increase every day.

To avoid a financial crunch, make sure that you plan your day. Set a specific financial limit for your day and stick to it. Prepare a checklist of all the expenses and set a specific budget so that you are mindful of your spending limit.

Besides, always have a back-up financial plan so that you don’t go completely cashless.

Shoulder your responsibility

Every bridesmaid has to shoulder some responsibility. You cannot chicken out at the last moment from your responsibility. You may have to provide financial, emotional, and mental support to other bridesmaids and the bride-to-be.

At times, your presence is just required during a particular pre-event. You might have had a tiring day at work but your presence is required at the rehearsal dinner.

The bride may just call you in the middle of the night to share her pre-wedding jitters. You have to be patient enough to hear her out. Maybe, console her that everything is going to be fine.

Bride’s your priority

The bride is the center of your universe until she gets married. You have to accompany her to cake tasting, dress trials, make-up trials, and many more trials.

She may call you in the middle of the day to ask when will her wedding gown be delivered. She may also ask you random what-if questions. What if the groom didn’t turn up or is he the right one?

Don’t miss the fun

In the midst of all this chaos, you get one chance to let yourself free at the spinster’s party. Have the time of your life. Your best friend is not likely to be single again. So, make the most of these few hours you get to enjoy with her.


Remember, that you are doing all this to make your best friend’s day special. Just the way she wants. All the pain, sleepless nights, dress hunting, walking in heels from shop-to-shop is all worth-while.

The smile that you get to see on her face on the wedding day is heartwarming. The happy-cheerful smile on her wedding day will bring you a lot of peace.

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