Tuesday 04 July 2023

Let Your Kids Feel Wildlife For Exciting Family Vacation

Holidays with kids can either be an inspirational and exciting experience or a real pain in the neck. The level of fun and excitement largely depends on the type of holidays and the destination you choose for your family. If you take them to the same resort for a few years in a row, they might not be too satisfied with your choice. However, booking a wildlife vacation will give them an opportunity to try something new. However, you will have to be careful about the location and equipment for such a trip.

Let Your Kids Feel Wildlife For Exciting Family Vacation

Where to go?

The choice of your wild destination depends on many factors. First of all, you should choose a place that is not too far away from your home country. The trip will be too expensive if you decide to travel to a distant, exotic country. Secondly, the duration of your vacation is another feature that determines your destination choice. For instance, tourists from the USA have several beautiful and wild destinations at their disposal.

  • Costa Rica

This country is not only a place with ”a rich coast“ (the meaning of the name Costa Rica), but also a diverse mixture of all kinds of wildlife. Probably the biggest advantage that Costa Rica offers to family visits are its rainforests, which you can explore and learn more about more than a half a million animal and plant species. Every kid will be delighted to see macaws and sloths in their natural habitats, in the rainforests of Costa Rica.

  • California

Thanks to its position on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, California is perfect for families with kids that like marine giants. Here you can see whales and seals, dolphins and seals from the shore, as well as have a look at many other marine animals in the marine sanctuary situated in Monterey Bay. Also, if your children are still too little for serious diving sessions, you can rent smaller boats and let them enjoy observing those ocean beauties from the surface of the ocean.

Let Your Kids Feel Wildlife For Exciting Family Vacation

  • Canada

If you want a blend of marine and land wildlife, you should go and visit Clayqout Sound, Canada – one of the most diverse forests in the world. Situated on the eastern shore of Vancouver Island, this area offers you a unique experience – you can see grey whales, coming from the distant parts of the Pacific to feed on plankton and on the other side (literally), you rent a boat and go round the beautiful coastal area or go for long walks through these forests and observe eagles, black bears and otters.

What to bring along?

Every trip to wild nature should be accompanies with a certain number of just-in-case equipment items.

  • Sleeping equipment

Staying in nature for a couple of days with your kids means that you have to bring along high-quality sleeping equipment. A waterproof tent and warm sleeping bags are must-brings, as well as warm blankets. In addition, always bring a pack of gas cartridge stoves with you. They can either help your warm up during the cold nights or make meals.

  • Photo gadgets

Spending a vacation in the middle of wild nature has to be recorded with adequate photo equipment. Although this is an age of smartphones and tablets, their battery life is usually very short. So you should play it smart and bring a trail camera to your wildlife vacation. Otherwise, you could end up in the wilderness with a dead phone battery and you will not be able to take any photos.

Instead of a mundane and routine vacation, treat your children to a chance to have a close look at wild animals, marine mammals and dense forests. They will experience something exciting and amusing and always remember that they have witnessed such incredible natural features with their parents.