Let’s Bring Happiness To Your Door Step This Christmas Eve

Festival is the most awaited time of the year. The lights and decoration takes away the heart of our loved ones. So, is the festival of Christmas, this is the busiest and the vastly celebrated festival in the western countries. The shine of lights and fresh odor of flowers and trees adds a charm to this festival.

How It All Started?

Before the advent of Christianity, plants and trees added special meaning to the life of people, especially in winter. The trend of decorating the houses and usage of trees have changed since long time as earlier people used to hang evergreen boughs over their doors and windows, but these days people decorate their houses with pine, fir and spruce trees. People in many countries believe that evergreens keep away witches, ghosts, illness and evil spirits.

What All Varieties We Have?

Finding the best Christmas tree could be confusing and thus require a lot of effort if you are going to cut it on own. There are mainly kinds of pines, assorted firs and spruce, which one can use for Christmas celebration. Spruces are considered to be the expensive one. Now, it depends on you which tree you have to choose that will bring cheerfulness, tranquility and goodwill to your house.

To decide the best variety of tree for the celebration, it is essential to know about both the advantages and disadvantages of the type that you can choose.

It is the most common tree used by people all around for the decoration during Christmas. The reason why it is widely preferred is because it can be grown easily and it is easier to maintain. It can also be shipped comfortably. The stiff shape of the branches can hold heavy ornaments so that your tree covers everything that you want to decorate.

This is the second most preferred tree after Scotch pine. They are known for their soft and long leaves that give a fur like appearance to the tree. Due to the soft leaves, heavy ornaments easily slide down. Still many people prefer this tree for its elegance and beauty.

They are completely different variety and should not be confused with fir trees. They have dark needle shaped leaves which are usually soft. They can be up to 1000 years old if grown in wild and in home there life span may reach to 7-10 years.

They are popular because of their wide pyramid shape, which allows proper display of the ornaments clearly. The tree truly maintains the ambiance of Christmas celebration and also gives a beautiful fragrance.

Both the Douglas and Fraser Fir are considerably exclusive than pine trees.

They are becoming popular nowadays because of their color. There needles are also very sharp.

Apart from these there are various other spines that one can choose to fit in their house during the celebration. People in different countries have different ways of choosing a desired tree.  So what have you decided for your coming Christmas?

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