Let’s Segregate Authentic & Replica Soccer Jerseys

It’s a well-known fact that there are plenty of replica soccer jerseys that sell in the name of authentic ones. Most people can’t even pick the differences even after days of usage. Are you one of those? We have a lot of doubts as a soccer player or even as just a fan. When we go out to play in the field or support our favourite team, it’s not only about comfort but the pride of wearing an authentic Team soccer Jersey.

It is only fair to clear all the concerns of people buying authentic soccer jerseys online. Here are the details of the different features of replicas and authentic soccer jerseys. First, we differentiate them based on the brand and then according to usage.

Brand differentiation

Original Jersey manufactured by Nike is called a Vapor match. It suggests the technology embedded keeps a player cool even during the heaviest physical exertion. There is a lot that goes into making an authentic Nike jersey. The fabric used is more breathable for the skin, sweat-absorbent, and lightweight. It has tiny holes throughout the fabric to increase airflow. On the other hand, replica Nike Jersey won’t have any of these features. An authentic Nike soccer Jersey costs around $165.

An Adidas soccer jersey is cheaper than Nike. It costs around $130. Adidas has sponsored various established soccer clubs like Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and various other jerseys that sport the sign of Adidas on it. It also has some key features that differentiate replicas with original ones.

These are the cheapest ones out of the three. But that doesn’t mean that they lag behind in quality in any way. With a price tag of about $120, Puma soccer jerseys have almost all those features that the Nike soccer Jersey has. The fitting of a Puma soccer Jersey is body-hugging which they like to call an evoKnit thermoregulation technology. In layman’s terms, it is built to regulate your body temperature even during a full-fledged competitive match.

The replica models of all these brands are available as cheaper alternatives starting from $90. However, there is no replacement for an authentic jersey once you go through the features it has on offer.

Features differentiation

At first glance, some features of authentic and replica soccer jerseys are not noticeable. But once you nail the art, it becomes one of your habits. There are some feature differences between authentic soccer jerseys and replicas. Let’s go through them one by one.

As mentioned in the Puma soccer jersey section, it has a body-hugging fit. As a sports person, you can never neglect the perfect fit of an authentic jersey which is built for a lean body of a sportsman. Replica jerseys are somewhat loose and never help in flexibility.

Keeping the quality of fabric aside, there are small holes for a better flow of air. It’s to regulate sweating and even if you sweat a lot, the material absorbs it all. The fabric of a replica is also breathable but is not as ventilated as the small holes are. Fabric quality becomes the utmost importance while you choose Men’s soccer jerseys.

The Badges imprinted in authentic soccer jerseys are heat transferred. It creates a better-looking design with a more seamless appearance overall. It also helps in making the Jersey lightweight. On the other hand, replicas have their logos stitched or embroidered into them. The extra weight never enables you to perform at your best ability on the field.

The differences between authentic and replica soccer jerseys are not as noticeable as you might think. While purchasing online, keep in mind that “so-called” official soccer jerseys can be replicas. Make sure the seller has an excellent return policy for more trustworthiness.

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