Tuesday 07 March 2023

Letting Someone Else Do The Heavy Hauling and Set-Up Of Your Job Site

Heavy machinery like cranes are difficult to haul and set up on construction sites. These machines must be set up so carefully and with such precision that few people are actually qualified for this undertaking. When you want to get your job site ready for a project but lack the skill needed to handle a crane’s assembly and safety checks on your own, you may find it better to partner with a licensed equipment dealer. The dealer can also deliver the crane to your site and remove it when you are finished with your project, saving you time, money, and hassle throughout the construction process.

Crane Set-Up

A dealer that brings a crane to your job site typically will not haul an intact piece of machinery. Instead, the company will haul it in pieces and then erect it once all of the parts are at the location. Cranes must be assembled with such care that it will remain functional and safe at all times. Even the slightest oversight could put a worker’s life at risk. When you lack the knowledge and skill to put together one of these machines, you may find it best to leave this important task to professionals who are trained in crane set-up and operation.

The dealer will also make sure that the crane is ready to use before the staff from the company leave the site. They will do all of the safety checks to make sure the controls work and that the machine can break as needed. They also will make sure that the engine starts up and will not stall out during use. These safety checks protect your workers here and also keep the project on schedule so that your employer does not lose money.

Repairs and Service

Depending on how long you use the crane for your project, you may need to have the machine repaired and serviced on occasion. If you are renting the crane, the dealer may insist on making the repairs and services itself. This courtesy ensures that the job is done right and that you are not responsible for any damages.

Once you are done with the crane, the dealership will come to the site and dismantle it. It will also remove it from the job site.

Cranes are important pieces of construction equipment. You can secure yours today by partnering with an online crane dealer.