Thursday 09 February 2023

Like In UK Test For British Citizenship

Preparing for British citizenship is a lengthy process and one need to past through Like in UK Test to get citizenship of Britain.  Those who are applying for citizenship must have some ancestral background to gain citizenship in UK. Besides this, there are numerous ways to apply for Britain citizenship, of which naturalization is the most common method. This does not apply to the people who were born in UK nor have ancestral background. The first step is to make sure to meet the residency requirement of UK before you apply. Secondly, it is must to pass ‘Life in the UK Test’ to apply for Britain citizenship.

Like In UK Test For British Citizenship

If you are applying for Britain citizenship, it is must to obtain and indefinite leave to remain with ESOL 3 level. If your English is less than ESOL 3, then you should take English for speakers of other languages classes, before appearing in the test.

How to Prepare

There are a number of online institutes that help you prepare for the test.  You can even get coaching from reputed institutes that teach you ways to pass the exam. There are many people who have lived in UK and know all the tactics to pass the test. Nearly, 1 out of 3 people fail in the test. During to the expensive fee structure of £34, it is costly to fail in the test. Hence, one should prepare well for the test before appearing.  It is advised that you join practice test site to make sure that you are prepared fully.

About the Test

The questions in the test can be anything related to UK society, history, culture, employment issues, democracy and other things. It is a computer based test that consists of 24 multiple choice questions and lasts for 45 minutes. The initial chapters are based on ‘Life in the UK’. The minimum pass rate is 75% and the main language for test is English. People who fail in the test has opportunity to appear again, but it is must to fee pay each and every time they appear.

Who is Exempted from Test?

People who are suffering from mental or physical health conditions are exempted as their condition would affect their ability to take test.  Visual and hearing impairments are not an exempt, but one should make sure to mention any impairment at the time of test.  People who wish to appear in the test should take identification such as passport, immigration status, driving license etc endorsed with UK residence permit. If you have taken test before, you need to note the reference numbers.

As said before, there are numerous online portals that help you practice for the test. To know more about the test, you can visit This portal comprises of a number of questions, where you can test your skills and knowledge.  These are meant for practice purpose and are not related in any way with the actual test. You can practice as much as times till you get confidence and appear in the test.