Wednesday 19 October 2022

Linux Shared Hosting- A Preferred Online Platform

Linux is a Unix- like open source code operating system and a popular one among the fast developing online businesses. Linux along with Windows are the two commonly used operating systems.  Linux allows using of PHP, Python, Pearl, CGI etc and this has found favor with the webmasters. Windows hosting can use ASP or ASP.NET but developers find it difficult to use compared to the Linux shared hosting platform. Linux is also more stable and offers more features when compared to Windows. It is also very cost-effective.

Linux Shared Hosting- A Preferred Online Platform

What comes with Linux?

Companies providing Linux shared hosting uses the LAMP software to serve a website. LAMP comprises of Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP programming language. The Linux operating system is an easy platform for anybody that wants to get started with a website or blog. The benefits that come with Linux hosting include

Price: Most important is the cost factor. There are no license fees for Linux hosting hence all the plans start with a lower cost compare to any other hosting platform.  Joomla, phpBB, Word Press and Drupal are a few common scripts than run on the Linux shared hosting.

Flexibility:  Linux started off with the General Public License and some of its distributions are

A] Red Hat (RHEL): It is a cent percent sturdy and supports a wide choice of applications. It also is useful for hypervisors, hardware architectures, clouds etc. Many businesses find Red Hat an ideal operating choice as it offers wider control on their virtual private server environment.

B] Open SUSE: It offers many exciting and new tools and features which the developers find interesting to use. They find it easy to customize to their app needs.

C[  Ubuntu:  free and open source, Ubuntu is widely accepted and has gained popularity as a desktop operating system. Getting help and information about Ubuntu is easy too. The user may need to configure and make the system more secure as it does not come with many security features. 

More Opportunities: Creating blogs, websites, multimedia applications, forums and many more online e-commerce website hosting applications comes easy with Linux hosting. E-commerce hosting is becoming more popular at a rapid pace. Businesses are realizing the necessity and gains of selling their products online. To get the necessary boost to their business, they need a proper infrastructure which an Ecommerce Website Hosting US company provides. It creates a friendly storefront that includes a shopping cart, comprehensive payment system, and support for third party payment services. The provider also caters to provide enhanced security system and supplies the website with tools like search engine optimization enables submissions, keyword density analyzers, submissions, free search advertising credits and many more. These tools give the required fillip to give visibility to a website.

Reliability & Security: Linux shared hosting platform offers extreme security against online theft and hacking. It is also more reliable than the Windows platform. Linux comes with pre-installed software and can be modified and expanded as required and has the capability to handle high processes.

Finding the right Linux hosting company is a crucial factor for the success of an online business,