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Transporting sea containers can be achieved using a number of different vehicles, with one of the most effective and popular the side loader trucks that are used extensively. Side loaders offer businesses a number of benefits, several of which will be discussed here, that have made them such an effective tool in any logistics chain.

What is a side loader and what is it used for?

Side loaders are similar to flatbed trailers, which are another popular means of transporting heavy containers and other items. However, unlike flatbed trailers, these trucks are fitted with crane mechanisms that enable them to lift and transport sea containers, with many side loader transport companies in Perth able to arrange the transportation of sea containers across the state and further afield.

Benefits of using a Side Loader

There are many benefits associated with using side loaders as part of a business’s logistics chain, including the following:

Strong and Sturdy

Side loaders are remarkably strong and sturdy, with the crane mechanisms these vehicles are fitted with known as Container Loading and Offloading Systems (CLOS). These crane mechanisms are capable of lifting incredibly heavy loads with ease and they are also very safe to operate. In addition to sea containers, side loaders can also be used to transport:

Business owners that regularly arrange sea container shipping would do well to source a good local provider of such services to aid with their logistics chain.

Cost Effectiveness

Side loaders are amazingly cost-effective to use and business owners that would like to find out just how cost-effective side loader hire can be should click here to learn more. The cost-effectiveness of these vehicles is not only due to their ability to increase productivity, but also because of the competition between service providers that helps to keep rates low.

Moreover, side loaders can be loaded with just a single operator – the driver. This further helps to reduce costs because no additional equipment or workers are required to load the truck.

Increased Productivity

Side loaders are renowned for their ability to help increase productivity which is one of many reasons why nearly every transport company in Perth offers side loader services. This is not only due to their strong, sturdy qualities, but also because side loaders can load containers from either side of the chassis which reduces the time it takes to lift and secure the load.

By enabling loading on both sides of the chassis, side loaders are much more advantageous to use in areas with little room to manoeuvre.

Side loaders offer business owners many benefits with regard to logistics and transportation and should be used to increase the effectiveness of a business’s logistics chain.

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