Wednesday 08 March 2023

Looking At The Options Of Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Looking At The Options Of Hydraulic Torque Wrench

If a general socket wrench is not meeting the needs of the individual, then he can step up to getting an electric torque or hydraulic torque wrench. These are available easily in the market since there are plenty of reputed hydraulic torque wrench manufacturers in the market, who do offer high quality wrenches of this type at affordable rates. When the right product is purchased, these can be used for years together. However, it is necessary for the individual to understand the kind of power tools are meant for.


Firstly, the hydraulic torque is considered to be designed for exerting torque on several types of fasteners. Objective here is to securely and quickly loosen or fasten the different nuts. A specific torque amount is applied to lubricated fastener beyond the amount a human might muster, generally being in conjunction with impact socket. These were said to be introduced in 1960’s, however, have evolved considerably over a period of time, especially with the manufacturers updating constantly and trying to advance their designs. It has helped to lead towards creating the modern, sophisticated and advanced hydraulic torque wrench, which is said to be light because of using of exotic alloys, with small nose radius for increasing space numbers that it would be fit into, having multi-position reaction members. It is possible to even now carry on multiple tools simultaneously of one a single power pack. The modern torque wrenches presently are optimized for greater flexibility and efficiency in their utilization.

Looking At The Options Of Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Its Functioning

What actually makes the hydraulic torque wrench to work is it creates torque by making use of hydraulic means, which is self ratcheting. There is a need for having precise means for measuring torque amount that is applied to fastener. Holding pawl design has been said to be quite popular among manufacturers for locking wrench in its position, however, each does have some claim stating their design is quite superior. The wrenches do have accuracy rating of about +/-3% having high rate of repeatability. It makes them very much suited for big bolts, which require higher accuracy degree. A big advantage of hydraulic wrench is that it personally has very less to do when performance is taken into account, but with people who use them. Such torque wrenches are much quieter than that of the pneumatic impact wrenches.

Electric Torque Wrench

It is regarded to be a gearbox, which is connected to electric motor. The gearbox has been designed in a manner to absorb the torque, thereby allowing user to operate wrench with very little effort. It is used typically, when torque strength accuracy is not needed for being used on bolt or nut, or in case, stubborn nut is required to be removed. Gearboxes are to be of ratio of around 4000:1. This is done by controlling voltage. Because, it is electricity that powers it, one can find several waterproof models, in case, water becomes a concern at the jobsite. The impact wrench, on the other hand, is a completely different tool and much different from that of the hydraulic torque wrench. What is concerned is getting the appropriate tool and completing the job in hand in the right manner.