Thursday 02 February 2023

Love Your Motorbike? Then Maintain The Beauty

Love Your Motorbike? Then Maintain The Beauty

Bikers love their ride and they do lot of things to maintain it in good condition. However, for normal people, it’s just a bike that is used to commute from places to places. And they hardly put efforts to maintain or take care of their bikes after months of purchases. There are certain things that piston rings manufacturers want to tell you. These things help in keeping the bike in good condition. Read on this article and find top maintenance tips that help you to maintain the good health of bike engine.

1. Check tires regularly

It is very critical to check your bike tires often. You should ensure that your bike tires have right air pressure and sustain good condition. Do check for possible cuts and scrapes that could cause unexpected things such as tire blowout. Always check your tire treads at least once a week. Keeping your eye on wheel balance and alignment is also required.

2. Check engine oil

Engine oil has a significant role to play, i.e. it helps smoothens the operation and maintenance of your bike. It is necessary to check the engine oil level and maintain it. If you find any oil leakage point, fix it with the help of professionals. If you run your bike on dirty oil, engine will consume more fuel and contaminated oil will shorten the life of engine.

3. Clean air filter

You cannot just hide from pollution. The monster is everywhere and degrading your health. To protect your health, you eat healthy foods that cleanse you from inside. In the same way, you need to maintain your bike’s air filter. You need to replace the old dirty filters after scheduled intervals and clean the fuel if you find it contaminated.

4. Engine

Engine makes your bike a movable object. It converts fuel energy into mechanical. You have to pay your attention when you are cleaning the carburetor and maintaining valve clearances. Make sure you always keep your engine carburetor clean.

5. Maintaining battery and brakes

Battery and brakes are next important components that require your care. If you have installed a battery that has leakage, replace it. It is important to keep the battery fully charged. Also if you notice that brakes are worn out, replace them.

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