Saturday 18 September 2021

Luxury Car Gadgets You’ll Want To Own

Luxury Car Gadgets You’ll Want To Own

This year, cars are all about wireless connectivity, the use of electric power, use of onboard apps and upping the experience of the passengers through entertainment systems. Some gadgets and gizmos are for deep pockets and a few aren’t quite yet mainstream but expect to see all these toys in vehicles either now or in the very near future.

Luxury Car Gadgets You’ll Want To Own

Technology and Entertainment

Whilst this next gadget will mean you’ll need a Rolls Royce, it’s certainly a feature pretty much nobody else in your street will have. It’s now possible to have the inside of the roof fitted with 1600 fiber-optic lights which when turned on in the dark create a stunning starry effect. It really is beautiful.

Another way to use the technology of fiber optics is to take a ride in a Hummer Transformer from . This one of a kind luxury limousine not only has a light show for passengers to enjoy, it has top of the range digital sound and an onboard disco. It’s the only vehicle to hire for a night out with up to 30 of your friends.

Car Safety

Being safe on the roads means more than a price tag and it’s now possible to have a blind spot warning system installed. The majority of drivers ignore blind spots but they are often the cause of accidents. The Infinit QX56 alerts you to a blind spot so you are then aware when making a turn or changing lanes.

Luxury Car Gadgets You’ll Want To Own

Your brakes are there for safety and comfort. The most luxurious option on the market is a set of carbon-ceramic brakes from Lexus. They are heralded as being the ultimate choice because not only do they help stop in a millisecond they also ensure the car doesn’t shift around as you hit the pedal.

Rear view cameras are offered for many models of car these days but with Lamborghini you’ll have an extra clear view of the area at the rear of your low-slung Aventador with their high definition version. It helps to stop you colliding with cars as you attempt to park by guiding you into even the tightest of spots in any direction and can alert you to a person or animal running behind you or if something suddenly blocks your way.

Those Added Little Extras

Having somewhere to put your drink is pretty much a standard feature in new cars now, but Ferrari has gone one better. As an optional extra you can now opt for their carbon fiber cup holder which is designed to keep the liquid in the cup, even at top speeds. You’ll need an F12 model to take advantage of this breakthrough in practical innovation, but it’s worth having to keep your morning commute coffee stable.

If you’ve ever sat in your car and hunted aimlessly for a pen to scribble down directions or a phone number, worry no more. Rolls Royce now has the ultimate solution; a pen holder which is encased in a climate controlled glove box. The matching set of three exquisitely crafted pens are set into a silver case which store neatly away. They come at a hefty price running into thousands but for suave style and hi-tech chic, there’s little on the market to beat them.