Maintenance Free Water Softener. No Salt Needed. Preserves All Beneficial Minerals

If you have been recently shopping for a water purification system, the answer is, “Yes.” Plenty of water treatment companies are claiming that they have the ultimate water softening system, one that requires no salt.

Unfortunately, this is merely a hoax, a gimmick. There is no such thing as a “salt free water softener.” However, there exists efficient Salt Free Water Softeners that require minimal salt replacements.

“Water is either soft, or not, there is no middle ground. Hence, it is nearly impossible to product Soft Water that still contains beneficial minerals. The sad truth is, if hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium are removed, then so are the beneficial minerals.”

Dishonest companies promote water conditioner systems as “salt free water softeners.” By definition, softened water is when the hard minerals like magnesium and calcium have been removed”.

At Praz we take pride in providing, non-deceptive, accurate information to our potential clients. When owning a water softener, industry standard is that the average family of four with hard water (7-10 grains per gallon hardness level) will use about 9 to 10 pounds of salt each week or one 40-lb bag of salt each month.

How the Praz Signature Water Softener System Can Benefit You

The softeners remove the calcium and magnesium ions found in hard water by exchanging them with sodium (or potassium) ions. Once all the ions are fully exchanged, the water softener undergoes a regeneration process to flush the system of excess ions and recharge with new sodium ions.

What’s the benefit of a Water Softener Installation?

Extended Appliance Life: The minerals found in hard water can build up on the insides of appliances.

Faster Water Heating: Softened water heats faster.

Easier Cleaning: Water softening allows for soap residue to be washed out more thoroughly. As a result, your clothing and dishes will look and feel cleaner.

Cleaner Plumbing System: By reducing mineral deposits, water softening systems minimize buildup and reduces clogging as mineral deposits are reduced. This can extend the life of your plumbing system and save you thousands in the long run.

Interested in a Water Softener System, but aren’t sure about installation and pricing info? Click Here to see our selection of NSF approved water softeners, starting at an industry standard of 58GPM.

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