Making The Best and The Safe Use Of The LEO Privacy Guard

This is the perfect application to save millions of users from the possibility of the data being leaked. They provide with the strong AppLock and this can be used in locking up of all the applications. There is also the provision of privacy scan and this helps in locating the loophole. You can even make arrangement of the safe box and this can help in hiding the private videos and the photographs. You even have the arrangement of the Wi-Fi security system and this helps in securing the network safety. In fact, you have more functions to know and discover and with this you can make the perfect use of the application.

Safeguard in Operation

LEO Safeguard is superior in all respect. This is the application to help you have a sense of relief and now you are left with no worries and tensions. Now, you can stop your boyfriend or your girlfriend from going through the call list and the SMSs. In case, you parent is curious about your data storage you can stop them from spying on you. This way you can save your Facebok status and in the way you can lock the gallery and the Facebook. Now, there is no chance that your colleague can at a glance see your private possessions.

Specialty of the Application

This is the application to help in locking up Whatsapp, FaceBook, Messenger and other essential applications which can act in disclosing your privacy. Now, no one will be able to open the locked applications and to get inside you have to put in the right password. Moreover, you have the PIN code or the pattern locking mechanism and there is even the necessity of two types of password to use. The application comes with the most interesting theme and this is the reason you can make the most of the safeguard in order to keep things secret.

Decorative Mode of the Application

You have the most delicate themes for the perfect decoration of the applock screen. You can even have a customization of the locking mode and now you can lock variety of apps for so many reasons. With a single click you can scan the privacy status of the mobile and this way you can even find out the plausible privacy loophole. You even have the chance of smart scanning and this way you can have the analysing of the new added applications, videos, photos and the rest.

LEO Privacy for Your Convenience

With the LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 Review you can best know in details regarding this innovative application. You can follow some of the simple steps and with this you would be guided best for locking and hiding the information and the data you have in store. You can call the application the private vault so that you can hide some of the private videos and photos and this way you can keep things absolutely safe and secured. If you don’t want to get exposed you can make the best use of the Privacy Guard.

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