Wednesday 08 March 2023

Making Your Booth The Most Attractive One At The Trade Show

Making Your Booth The Most Attractive One At The Trade Show

In today’s business climate and under the influence of business “experts” for whom everything has to be online, streamlines and revolutionary, we sometimes lose the sight of certain brand promotion tactics that have worked for decades and that still, actually, benefit a business greatly.

For instance, trade shows which still attract huge numbers of visitors, action-makers and simple consumers, are still a great way to promote a brand in a certain industry. One thing you need to do however, is ensure that people come and visit your particular booth and this is how you do it.

Promoting your Booth in Advance

If the trade show begins and you still haven’t done any promotion for it, you are already late. Your trade show experience starts once you decide to exhibit and once you have the date and the place of the trade show set. This is when you start getting on social networks and other forms of promotion that may or may not be free and you start telling people where to find you and what to expect. You should always go bombastic with your promotion and involve promotional deals and other people-pleasers that will attract the visitors to your booth.

Making Your Booth The Most Attractive One At The Trade Show

Setting up the Perfect Exhibition Display

The choice of display stands and other parts of your exhibition space is simply staggering and this can become overwhelming, especially if you are not that experienced at exhibiting at trade shows. Some of the factors that you need to include in your decision is how big you want your displays to be; how many people you are expecting at your booth at any given time; what kind of money you are operating with and so on. The good news is that you will always be able to find the right kind of displays for you, whether these are giant exhibition spaces or a simple display where you will set up your small team.

Teaching your Team how to Attract People

It is your team who is bearing the brunt of the work and who will ultimately make or break your trade show experience. However, you need to understand that they are not there just to answer questions and talk to visitors once they are already there. One part of their job is to do a bit of attracting themselves. They should always be smiling and open to visitors. There is nothing that puts people off a booth like sulking people working it. You can also have a part of your team going around the trade show, giving out promotional material and telling people to visit your booth.

Organizing Various Events

It can often be difficult to set yourself apart from an ocean of similar booths from firms that do pretty much the same thing you do. This is why you should seriously consider organizing various events that will attract people. For example, you can have a competition where people get discounts or free products if they can show that they attracted five or ten more people to your booth, either online or right there at the trade show. You can also put on shows for the visitors and let them know that you are not the same boring firm like the one from the booth on your left.