Mars Air Door – An Industrial Air Curtains For Doorways & Restaurants

Air curtains, also recognized as air doors, are devices that create a controlled stream of air through wall openings. What this device does to build an air barrier or seal that prevents an area from particular problems while also enabling humans, animals, vehicles, or the like to travel easily and uninterrupted though.

Say you own a restaurant for example and just want to keep the door open through peak business hours. Getting the door open welcomes passers-by inside enhances the intensity of natural lighting that makes it into your room, opens up views and open spaces, and can make outdoor eating people feel like they’re part of your business.

Not only is an open door convenient to walk through, but it also invites visitors to enter your shop. The downside to this is that it’s not energy-friendly and it causes a bad working atmosphere.

An air curtain addresses these challenges by mitigating the loss of energy and providing a secure, relaxing atmosphere for both employees and consumers.

Where Air Curtains Are Used?

Practically any business will in one way or some other advantage from an air curtain. Issues such as heat transfer, non-going bees, dust or spores, and draughty air are not stored into any business. Rather, these problems will affect any organization in any region, rendering the possible applications for air curtains almost infinite.

Air curtains are used by restaurant owners, industries, and homeowners too-

Reduce energy costs

Air curtains in the living room, kitchen, or walk-in cooler help shield the temperature conditions inside. This makes less running of the HVAC units, less running of cooler compressors, and fewer worries for the employees.

Customer entry

Maintain a cozy guest entrance thus keeping blazing heat out throughout the season, and humid articulated air out in the winter season.


Air curtains offer a long-term option to minimize retail maintenance costs while promoting in-store service and environmental targets, from the main entrance to the storage facilities at the rear of the shop.

Employee’s comforts

Air curtains consume less extra heat than doorway heaters; they aim to increase the safety of workers and mitigate exposure by ensuring drier entrance floors during inclement weather. This helps to maintain traffic flow unhindered and increases hygiene by reducing the invasion of insects and keeping away dust and bad smells.

Mars Curtain Options 

Above all, Mars Air Systems is regarded as a corporation with an incredibly flexible product portfolio on the air curtain market. From small air doors for small-scale customer-facing firms to large industrial air curtains, Mars is equally capable of making durable air curtains for any industrial and commercial climate.

Mars Air door are focused on providing tough-to-beat performance quality and patient satisfaction promises. Through using the highest quality materials and evaluating every single air curtain concept meticulously, the company can produce items that can satisfy even the most challenging requirements.

Popular Mars Air Systems Air Curtains Series Involve:


Mars categorizes this collection as a “low-noise unit” designed for “customer-facing industrial applications.” Recognized for being elegant, low-profile, and silent, this best-selling design is. It appears in Pearl White, Titanium Steel, and Obsidian Black as in other Mars goods.

ETL Sanitation

The range ETL Sanitation, as the name implies, is specifically designed for food service conditions. Popularized “the most cost-effective conservation & hygiene barrier you’ll ever get to see,” these air doors are easy to mount and require low repairs and running costs even while helping to achieve ANSI / NSF requirements.


As these systems are highly easy to navigate, the Phantom series is called so. Products in the Phantom series are built for recess-mounting and unit invisibility and are aimed for conditions where the customer needs the air curtain to fit into the building structure.

Extra power

These systems are suitable for manufacturing uses, partially due to their high air resistance. These fly fans provide additional security for doors & openings and include 3 fans for excellent efficiency.


These devices provide resistance to even stronger wind gusts relative to the Extra power air doors. You may also order them to match wider door openings, both in length and width.


The standard series is among the most versatile air curtain collection on display and can be found in all sorts of businesses.


Air door distributors’ specialist experts with their vast expertise are at your side to help you pick the best air curtain for all requirements. We have been supplying Air Curtains & Air Doors for more than two decades. We proudly display both the Air Doors product MARS air curtains and the Air Doors product BERNER.

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