Master in Marketing: How Social Media is Playing a Part Today

Every business needs to invest in media, marketing, and social media promotions today to reach out to their customer base.

Marketing isn’t what it was before. Social media is one of the most potent forms of marketing today, and with a changing definition, you need changing skill sets.

Here is how important social media is today for business.

–  Twitter has almost 320 million users on a monthly average,

– Instagram has a whopping 400 million users,

– Google+, on the other hand, has over 540 million users in a month,

– YouTube is used by as many as 1 billion users today

– Facebook, the largest social-networking site, has as many as 1.6 billion users.

Social media today has become a part of our socio-cultural and socioeconomic structures. With increased access to the internet the world over, it’s a great way for businesses to reach out – making organizations, and corporations to pay more attention to it.

Marketing and Social Media – How It Falls Together

This rising need of amalgamation between marketing and media has led to international universities to introduce specialised courses that train professionals in media marketing. This, in turn, helps organisations to cope with an increased demand to publicise their campaigns effectively.

Masters in Marketing – How Does It Help?

To meet this need, many universities have started a Masters in Marketing, Communication and New Media courses. It is full time and in English, helping better equip graduates from various disciplines and backgrounds. Master in marketing can help you take your next career step.

Masters in Marketing in Italy – The Advantages

Universities in Italy with an enviable reputation for business prowess, serving as a hub of media activity and a sought after tourist destination offer a world-class programme in this area, and more and more students are now a part of its institutions.

The Bologna University, which stands to be one of the oldest and most reputed universities in the world has stepped into this field and offered a comprehensive programme for Masters in Marketing, Communication and New Media to understand the nuances of the marketing fraternity.

Providing a one year, extensive training regime which also involves internships and multinational corporation exposure, this course is ideal for students wanting to start their consultancy and managerial ventures in the field of digital communications and marketing.

The course consists of project works, company projects and master lectures, further enhancing the understanding of students in regards to the main concepts of digital media and marketing.

With a multiracial student base, and practical training and application pedagogies this course gives students an edge over others and accentuates their understanding of current media trends and tricks to fetch the maximum popularity for their ideas.

The Bologna University has tied up with firms like IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), The Boston Consulting Group, Google, and more to further revolutionise the media marketing education experience – helping students get the exposure they need.

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