Sunday 05 September 2021

Merits Of Intelligent Call Routing

Merits Of Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent Call Routing is a term used for routing performed by an operating system that tries to find out about the specific caller and help them in assigning them to a representative. It is a system that has an ability to identify the caller according to the information conveyed through a call. It is easy to make out about the identity as the caller always gives his identification while calling. There are lots of companies who are trying to make a mode of communication between them and their customers for flourishing their business. This software can help in developing the customer services as it is considered one of the reliable methods of connecting. It is also called as mechanized call distributor that helps in assigning the equal amount of calls to each of the agent.

This is a system in which a caller can receive the call from the agent even after he was not given any response while he was calling and the agent was busy in routing another call. It has a software that provides information about the caller and the agent and look back at it to make the call. In case the caller is offering a great deal then the router can expand the level of importance so that such calls can be taken on time and be given more priority.

Merits Of Intelligent Call Routing

Strategies of Call Routing

ICR makes use of the data  that is provided to them when a caller makes a call and makes use  of this data to have a clear identification, and check out his records in the official database. This way the complete routing process of intelligent call routing  takes place. The following steps are followed:

  • Direct Routing – this approach is followed by the newly established companies that follow a trend of directly connecting to the customer and providing them services. Their main aim is to connect the call of the caller directly to the accurate department. For example, if you have work in production department, you need to call in the same department, incise the call is waiting, you should wait for the call to get disconnected and try again.
  • Least Occupied Routing – in this type of routing the caller, call gets forwarded to an agent who is free and can attend the call, this kind of situation comes when the agent is least interested in attending the call and switches over from ready status to ideal status. So the caller has to wait in a queue for his call to get attended.
  • Skilled Based Routing – in this type of routing, multi talented skilled agents are required to handle the calls. In this type of routing, the resources can be used effectively and to its fullest so that the callers can get complete service calls.

There are more strategies that is followed for International Call Routing: Dynamic and Service Level Routing, Business Routing, Data Routing etc.

Merits of Call Routing

  • Less Time Consumption:
  • Call is connected to the appropriate agent.
  • Sales can be promoted and developed through various offers.
  • Effective utilization of resources
  • Efficient Caller Service provided.
  • Skilled agent are working hard to handle calls and satisfy the caller.